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Molestation/statute on child molestation


my 28 year old daughter was touched inapproitpriotly at 16 by my common law husband who was then 26 she was 16,he put wholes in the walls to watch her,and touched her once while she slept,tho i have no words for myself,not turning him in then,i find he is just had his mentally imparaired 18 year old daughter in october, of 2012,it came to light,that she said he abused her sexually,when he was going to jail,for aggravated assault on his girl friend,so my daughter and i made sure the police knew of her mental impairments,so they took her to a young adults behavorial hospital,in provo utah,mean while she had told his girlfriends mother,he did this and i know she said he did this to her about 4 years ago too,as of right now,the courts let him walk on the aggravated assault charge,even with his long abuse history against me,and another women,my question what can i do? i cannot understand the judge here in moab,utah, letting him walk,he is 38 years old and has a very long history of drugs,alcohol,domestic violance ect,,while there is no exuse for my self, waiting this long for my daughter,as i was also abused sexually,by my brother,and physically abused by her deceased father,and this man i have been talking about. im scare very scared,that they didnt take his daughter seriosly,when i know it to be true,and that the next  fight he gets into will result in death,and that charges should also be brought agaisnt him for mine and his daughter,which hers is more recent,but my daughter too,help! thank you ,rhonda

Rhonda, I can't advise you what to do about your legal case, as I am not a lawyer or law enforcement official. You might try seeing if the states attorney general might be contacted for a review of the case, over-riding the local District Attorney. I imagine that proving your daughter's case after 10 years isn't going to be at all easy to prove now, especially if there was not active sexual contact. His daughter's case may prove difficult due to her impairment. Sometimes it is just a judgment call from the DA as to whether the case can be successfully prosecuted or sometimes there are other factors involved.

My concern is always that those who are injured get competent therapy assistance, so they can move on with their lives without the shadow of unresolved traumas hanging over their heads. Depending on the severity of the incidents, different kinds of therapy might be suggested. I have found that the EFT process is most helpful and doesn't involve drugs/meds and years of talking about it. Look for info at and among many of the other EFT websites on-line.

When you can't change the local legal system, at least you can do something to help those who have suffered at the hands of this criminal. Check the site for other possible support options.

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