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I am an adolescent. When I was  about six I was molested on the school bus by a girl in my class. She molested me about 5 times tbroughout the school year. She would sit on my lap, stick her hands up my shirt and down my pants, and hump me.  I never saw her again after the school year ended. Then I met 2 guys when I was in 3rd grade. They molested me almost everyday on the bus or playground for 2 years. They would pull out their penises, touch me in inappropriate places, and one of them tried to get me to give him oral sex. I am very messed up by these events. I am paranoid, I have nightmares, sleeping trouble,low self esteem. I feel ugly, dirty, fat, worthless, and I feel like a skank. When I am around my boyfriend or other male friends I shake and get images in my head of them trying to molest me even though these friends have never done so. Please help me. I want to be a normal girl. I want to get over this. I don't want to be a victim, I want to be a survivor. Thank you so much

Dear A,

Where were your parents and teachers when all of this happened? I'm sorry that you had to experience this kind of sexual harassment/molestation from schoolmates. What you are experiencing now are basic PTSD symptoms that would be expected from someone who has endured repeated sexual trauma and abuse.

Here are some references for the EFT process, targeted for young children, pre-teens and adolescents:

You need to have your parents/guardians and other responsible be made aware of your past traumas and your current mental/emotional condition.  EFT CAN be self-applied, once you learn the process and tapping points, but with serious trauma memories like yours, a guide/practitioner should be with you to help guide you through the process, in the beginning.

I don't know how your schoolmates got away with this kind of behaviors, but the school administrators and your family needs to know, so they can take appropriate actions. I'm sure you are not the only one out there with these kinds of trauma memories.

I know that the EFT process seems a little strange, but you just have to participate in it to make it work for you. There is no "belief" attached to this process, as it based upon acupressure point therapy. I have been doing this process for over 20 years and it always works to everyone's amazement.

Perhaps, printing out your question and my answer here for your parents, will help them to understand what you have experienced and how badly you want to heal from the past traumas.

I hope that you are able to enlist some adult help here and clear out your old memories and traumas that are the basis for your PTSD symptoms. Going through adolescence and teen years is hard enough without carrying the burden that you have had to pack so far.

I hope you find this helpful. I think you will be happy and amazed at how quickly your mind and body will respond to EFT.

William Silver


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