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My dad is almost 70, a couple of days ago he told me about how he was made to have sex with his older brother when he was 7, which he enjoyed, and again with another brother when he was 14. He's struggled with his sexuality since then and loathes the part of himself that is gay. He told me sometimes he wants to hook up with a guy and once he does he feels dirty and throws up. I've listened as best I can but I'm having trouble helping him cope because his depression is so severe. We've talked about the root of the issue and how it makes him feel, and yet he seems no better for it. I'm not sure if I'm approaching it the wrong way. I've been looking into counseling for him, but I just wanted to know if there's anything I can do in the meantime. He's started visiting my house more frequently and telling me he's scared and I'm not sure what to do. I hope he's not thinking of hurting himself...

Christine, a man of your father's age would have a tough time dealing with being gay or even just being involved in homosexual practices. When he was young, there was little in the way of people really understanding the gay lifestyle and those tendencies. If he is gay, truly, then that is what he is. He could be bi-sexual, too.

A gentle way of helping him would be to call in an EFT practitioner from your area, who could do a few sessions with him and even teach him the easy technique. Once he neutralizes some of his old memories and actions, he may feel more at ease with who he is and how he is feeling about that now.

Web search "EFT practitioner and the city you are in" to see who is available.

More info on the EFT process at and many other sites.

Best wishes to you and dad,

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