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Molestation/sassi-3 test and sex addiction


we are engaged in a legal battle with my daughter's ex-boyfriend,who we believe to be a sex addict and a child molester. He attempted to obtain joint custody of my granddaughter, who is not his biological child.H e was given the Sassi=3 test by the custodial evaluator and failed miserably (scored 11) He has very little history of substance use, much less abuse. Could the test results indicate the possibility of sex addiction?

Steve, first I need to tell you that I am not a Doctor, PHD, Psychologist or an otherwise licensed therapist. I don't use test scores to determine a person's potential addition potentials and I was not fully aware of this particular test and how it could be applied outside the parameters of substance abuse testing. This is "beyond my scope, unfortunately"

There is a lot of info about the tests on-line
but from what I have briefly read, the test is more about substance abuse tendencies, but can include many other subtle tests of a person's personality traits.

It is hard to see how a non-biological boyfriend can make a substantial claim on someone else's child, but stranger things have happened in the world of law and lawyers. Of course, I can't know all the implications and history of the people involved to begin to make an assessment.

I would hope that CPS might be involved in this situation, where they may make their own determinations about the best welfare of a child. An experienced child abuse expert should be able to ascertain whether the child has been molested or is in danger of that happening.

Most obsessive/addicted personalities are often driven by unresolved trauma and use whatever is handy to help quell the desires. Many abused children grow up abusing children, when the become teens/adults.

I'm sorry that I can't make any direct comments in reference to your question here, but continue to research anything you can that might point to this man's latent sexual addiction tendencies and bring it up in court or through your lawyer.

Best wishes in your battle for this child's well-being.

William Silver


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