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My x husband and I are both remarried. He remarried a woman with other children. There is a 6 yr old autistic boy and a 3-4 yr old boy. There's also a girl that is my daughters age (8). My son is 6. My son was calling his private his "wowo"(upon the request of my x). I explained to him that it is either a penis or a private. I went on to explain that we need to use known names in case anyone touched him inappropriately, he would be able to tell someone and they would know what he was talking about. We had this discussion one month ago and he slipped up tonight and said wowo again. I reiterated what I said one month ago. Well, tonight he said "Daddy walked in on (the three year old) sucking on my penis. I was so upset. This had not been brought to my attention by his father. My son then begged me not to talk to his father because he would get in trouble!!!  Could my son be making this up??  We share joint custody and I am scared for him because they still take baths together and sleep in the same bed!!!!  I have contacted CPS. Am I overreacting??

Dear Scared,

Children around those ages are full of curiosity and that includes a certain level of sexual awareness and experimentation.

Here is one opinion here:

Just reinforce "the rules" about inappropriate touching with your son. This is something that needs reminding, periodically. Young children have somewhat short attention spans and tend to be spontaneous and impulsive, so the need reminders.

These kinds of episodes are part of parenting and you need to be prepared for future discussions and "surprises" as the children mature. We all learn about sex and sexuality one way or the other and usually not from parents, who are carrying their own wounding about their sexual histories.

The CPS call was probably premature, unless this becomes a recurring pattern.

I hope this helps to answer your question and calm your fears.

William Silver  


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