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When i was 5 years my friend was 9 or 10 years old. He would touch me and kiss me and go after my boobs. I like it a lot and let him. It went like this for a while. Well he moved away and when i saw him again i asked if he could do it again this way a year after he left. I am older years old and he is also
I'm asking if i wait until i hit 18 can i do anything about it? Should i talk now and does this count for molestation if i did it willing?

Dominique,  Our bodies are sexually active/sensitive even when we are young children. So, we can have the experience of "feeling good" in our bodies at a very early age. When children do "sexual play" together, they are learning a little about sexuality and what makes our bodies feel stimulated.

Everything changes when our bodies move into puberty and young adulthood. The sexual feelings become more intense, but the mind is still very immature. This becomes a difficult challenge for young teens to maintain the balance between those "feelings" and maintaining the other parts of your lives, like school, sports, hobbies and other activities. In most states, the "age of consent" is somewhere around 16-18 years of age. That only means that an older person has to wait until the younger one hits that mark. Sexual activity, including intercourse, has very wide-ranging effects on the minds and bodies of teens. Girls can be come pregnant, and sexually active teens often wind up spreading various sexually transmitted diseases between each other, some of which can cause permanent damage to the reproductive systems.

Having sex with an underage partner can result in jail time or winding up being branded a sexual predator for the rest of your life. Sexual activity isn't a game to be played without consequences, so think about it very carefully before you let someone else become intimate with you and then discovering the problems that come with that afterwards.

As far as your earlier experiences, that seems to be more in the general area of sexual play/experimentation than sexual molestation with intent. You were "letting" him stimulate you, which feels good, but you really didn't have the wisdom to know more about the whole sexual arena of consequences when you are 5-6. Young children are all about discovering who they are and how their bodies work. While a 10 year old boy is getting close to puberty and becoming more sexually functional, he really was just experimenting on your to see what that felt like.

Take your time and think about the bigger picture when it comes to becoming sexually active with boys/men.

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