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hey William, I am 16 years old. I recently slept over at my friend house and something pretty strange happened..
so i was in my friends living room with my friend Alessandra and we were watching a movie. we were home alone and her parents were due to come back at around 12am. so my friend and I stayed awake most of the night and we heard her parents come in so we decided to go to sleep. around half an hour later, I really needed to pee so I went up to the bathroom and bumped into my friends dad. he apologised for scaring me since it was so late and dark, but I told him it was fine. as he walked past to go downstairs, he brushed his hand against my crotch, and I just kinda shrugged it off and thought it was an accident. after I'd been to the bathroom, he walked upstairs again and apologised for touching my crotch and said I just couldn't help'. I didn't know what to say or do, I was basically frozen and I knew I had to go back to my friend. but he reached over and touched my left breast (I wasn't wearing a bra) and started playing with my nipple. I was still frozen and I couldn't move. he removed his hand from my breast and put it on my crotch and started to rub my clit through my shorts. it obviously felt good so I moaned, unintentional and I basically snapped out of it and looked at him. he had a very large erection which he was stroking through his pajama pants and I quickly got away. I ran downstairs to the living room where my friend was and went back to sleep. in the morning, he made me and my friend breakfast and I went straight home after that.

please help me, I don't know whether to tell someone or keep it to myself. although he did touch me, it did feel good and it disgusts me that I liked it when he touched my crotch. please help!

Georgia, Being sexually stimulated is a physical response that happens whenever anyone touches certain parts of your body and generally it will feel pleasurable, no matter who does the touching. Who did the touching is aware that it is illegal and totally inappropriate and could be subject to inquiry by law enforcement if you chose to make a report, as it comes under the category of sexual assault or molestation.

I don't know what kind of friendship you have with your girlfriend, so revealing this kind of information could cause some distress in your relationship, of course. You have had a traumatic experience, which should be handled by an experienced sexual assault counselor. I have used the EFT process for many years to help neutralize those kinds of unexpected events in one's life.

Check or or any local EFT practitioners for assistance.

So, what have you learned from this experience? If you don't want someone touching you inappropriately, you need to find the courage to call them on it, wherever/whenever it happens. Learning to say "NO!" and mean it is a powerful skill to master. If this were to happen in a more public place, you must speak loudly and firmly and/or scream for help, if the attacker does not back off.

Perhaps, you can speak with your parents about how you can be educated in self-defense methods to ensure that you will be able to respond, instead of "freezing" when some situation like this comes up in the future.

If you do go back to your friend's house, make it clear to her father, in a private moment, that you will not allow that kind of experience to be repeated, otherwise you WILL file a report with authorities and tell his wife, as well. I know you are young, but you are coming of age to where you need to be ready to take care of yourself, when you are on your own or away from your family. These are necessary life skills that every teen needs to know.

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