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Molestation/step daughter hurting my son


My husband and I have been married for three years. His daughter was 1 when we got together and is now 5. We have a two year old son together. His daughter lives most of the time with her mother. She has told us before that her moms "friend" touches her privates, they have been red, hurt her and all the tale-tell signs of abuse. We've taken her to the ER, made police reports, contacted CPS and tried to get her to therapy (although her mother wont allow it).

She has recently (in the past 6m) started doing strange things to my son. She is very, very curious about his diaper changes ( I chalked it up to childhood curiosity). More recently, she has rubbed reself on him while she was naked, masturbated in front of him or to him, she has held his head in between her legs, touched his privates. Her mom also told me that she was doing all of these same sort of things to her two year old sister by her mom.

Of course, I try to do everything possible to keep them seperate, but it seems nothing is working. I am to the point that I DO NOT want her anywhere near my son. I think she needs some serious therapy, my husband just thinks she needs away from her mom. I hate that my step daughter may be a victim, but I REFUSE to let it happen to my son!

I just need some help. A point in the right direction. I'm ready for divorce and to fight him in court to keep the kids apart, but I'm just not sure what to do! Please help

Andrea, I am not a lawyer or legal consultant for these kinds of cases. CPS should have taken action on your previous reports. If not, re-file the complaint and have the girl re-evaluated again. KEEP AFTER THEM!

Children, even at that age are sexually curious, but when there is adult influence that amplifies the behaviors then it becomes child abuse.

Children are all about fun and feeling good, so now that she has experienced more than normal sexual contact, she is using it to help her "feel good" and/or is mimicking what she's experiencing at home wherever she goes.

I always recommend EFT therapy for sexual abuse clients and this gentle "tapping" modality can be used to help children as well.  in Indiana, but search further with your own city to find a practitioner who can help guide you along with this process.

If you can't get her into therapy, then BE her healer whenever she is with you and continue to press authorities for follow-up on your complaints. This abuse must stop for this child...

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