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Molestation/sexually harrassed my store owner


Hi William. I am a 27 year old American man who is doing contracting work in the middle east. So yesterday I went to one of the local stores and the manager asked if I needed help, I said no. Anyhow, after I looked around for a while, he stood really close to me and when I moved to another section, he touched my penis while I was off guard. He was an odd person, but said "no no, I was just joking". Even still, I feel violated by this. My instinctive reaction would have been to physically hurt him, but due to my position, I can't do anything that will hurt my career or cause friction in the country I'm working in. Giving the factors I've mentioned, how should I handle this?

Donnie,  I'm sure your restraint in this incident was the best action to take, rather than "react" and start a brawl that would have put you in a bad light with the locals.

Life is full of unexpected experiences and unless there is great physical or emotional harm, you have to learn to just roll with it and let it go. Yes, your space and your physical body were  intruded upon and that isn't right. My question for you is did it trigger anything else from your past that might need healing now?

If you have trusted friends in the area, you might ask them if there have been any stories about this man touching other people inappropriately. He may be mentally deficient in some way or have obsessive compulsive behaviors. As a foreigner, you stand out in a crowd and people are going to focus on your presence in some manner or other. It's part of what you signed up for when you went there for work. Learn the culture and find out ways to interact with the locals where you blend in further and are trusted by them. You do need to be aware of how you are expected to act in social settings.

You might make a note of this incident and let you managers know that something happened to you while you were not working, so that there is a record (other than this conversation) on file for the benefit of your employers.

If this sexual touching incident is lingering with you and you can't get it out of your mind, then you might try reviewing the information at one of the EFT sites like: or and there are hundreds more out there. EFT is a self-help method of neutralizing old memories which no longer serve a positive purpose in your life.

I hope this is helpful for you,

William Silver  


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