sara wrote at 2013-02-09 23:23:20

as an EFT expert I agree with William Silver here above.

In your case I would use EFT first to get a little bit more distance to what happened, in order to make a rational choice about proceeding. Suing him may give him punishment enough not to do it towards anyone again, it may give you some money in the end. At the same time, it will make you relieve the entire thing again and again more vividly than ever before. And what is it that you need most of now, hands on your heart. Money, revenge or well-being? I can tell you that with well-being in proper place, enough money will come your way and the need for revenge may even become obsolete.

If you can't afford a local EFT practitioner, which is still usually very, very reasonable in many countries, you can try out my GO EFT Tapping app (iPhone, iPod and iPad compatible, availble at App Store).

In that app, unlike all other EFT mobile apps, you can enter your own feelings, disturbing emotions and get help with guided tapping. If recalling the direct feelings or situations feels overwhelming, you can start tapping more indirectly and gently.

Let's say you feel a sensation like a burning knot in your pelvis every time you even start to think in that direction. Then you start tap on that "burning knot in my pelvis" without going into the memory or feelings an further. You can also make the EFT acceptance statement weaker to begin with if it feels too difficult to say out loud. E.g. exchange "even though I have this burning knot in my pelvis, I love and accept myself completely" for "even though I have this burning knot in my pelvis, I am open to loving and accepting  myself completely" or even "even though I have this burning knot in my pelvis, I want to love and accept myself"

You may read more about how I used EFT to get rid of my food sensitivities, and that of my kids, on

My mentor Bob once said: Change is inevitable, growth is optional. Choose wisely!

Lots of love! Sara


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