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my daughter is 15, she recently went to drug rehab and while in there she told a therapist that her brother made her touch him inappropriately when she was 5 and he was 12. can my son who is now 22 be arrested for this? we live in illinois

Jenny, I am not a lawyer or law enforcement official so I can't say anything definitive about the laws in Illinois.  Generally, cases of sexual abuse/assault are when the perpetrators are over 18 and the victims are under 18. Sibling sexual "experimentation" instances are a grey area and probably addressed case-by-case.

Sexual assault on a child does usually leave some damaging effects which can be overcome with appropriate therapy, which in my opinion does not include drug and months of talk therapy.

I have used the EFT process for many years with great effect on cases such as these. Hopefully, your teen daughter isn't making up a story as an "excuse" to justify her drug abuse, but sibling sexual experimentation is pretty common, overall. However, when there is a large age difference, then the abuse becomes more about the sexual gratification than experimentation, which pushes the balance more towards a chargeable offence.

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