My sister and I were both molested by our cousin. but i'm confuesed about it. I was 6 years old, my sister was 8 and my cousin was 16. Is it still molestation if hes under the age of 18. I wondering this because this happened on and off for 2 years. and 8 years later I ended up having to be in a treatment facility for 17 months due to alcohol and drug abuse and trauma because of this. So I am thinking about suing him for what he did to me and my sister, we both have alot of trauma from it.


When teenagers molest children/siblings/relatives of such a young age, they certainly would be subject to arrest and prosecution through the juvenile court system, depending upon where you live and the local laws.

I have no idea of whether this can be prosecuted now, due to the timeline and lack of evidence. Because he was a minor at the time, it is hard to know what extent he could be prosecuted for it now.  

Suing him won't change what has happened to you, unless you were to use the money to get more effective treatment. I am not a lawyer or law enforcement official, so I have no real standing here, in regards to your intentions to sue.

My job here is to get people to know about effective treatment options that don't include more drugs and months of talk therapy. That's where the power of EFT comes into play. This "tapping" technique can effectively neutralize your sexual trauma memories, so that you no longer have a need to "self-medicate" to overcome those feelings inside.

EFT info is available at and many other sites. Try searching for "EFT" and whatever city you reside in to find a helpful EFT practitioner who can help you and your sister put this behind you and move on with your lives without the cloud of old traumas hanging over your heads.

I hope this is helpful for you two,

William Silver


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