I'm Carly and 15 years old and have read a lot about dads molesting daughters.  My mum has left us now and was an absolute cow to my dad, when I was about 9 she would be out most nights and I would sleep with dad for comfort.  Since about then I know he has touched me but I confess I like it.  Back when I was around 10 when I was in his bed about half an hour after lights out I would feel his hand rest on my tummy and slowly his fingers trace the outline of my sex through my underwear.  Back then it really tickled and I lay still to enjoy the sensations.

One time when I was about 12 I was lying on my bed face down and he was tickling my legs, it felt really good and my vagina was throbbing, I slid my hands under the front of me and humped while he tickled and eventually had a small orgasm.

Sometimes I masturbate thinking of him, when I turned 13 and started to develop he would come into my room late at night and slide his hand under the duvet and feel my developing breasts, my nipples would firm up and burn and my breathing get heavy but I pretended to sleep, his othe hand would slide down to my panties and he would massage my sex through them, sometimes I would gently press my panty crotch onto his fingers as it felt really good, when he left I would always masturbate myself, I knew sometimes he was still behind the door.  My vagina felt so good and aroused when he touched me, I am not ashamed.

Carly, I am not sure I see a "question" here. We are all sexual beings and that awareness begins early in our development. At some point we all learn about sexual behaviors in different ways from different experiences and from different people, beyond self-discovery.

In some cultures, the parents take direct involvement of coaching their children about sexual pleasure. The study of Tantra is one which seeks to use sexual pleasure as a form of enlightenment, not sexual domination or just self-gratification, but that is generally frowned upon in Western cultures.

I imagine that in the UK, your father's actions might be construed as sexual molestation/incest and subject to persecution. It appears that your parents failed to set proper guidelines for you in one or more areas of your life.

The secret to a successful life is maintaining a balance in all phases of it, including sexual behaviors. Yes, sexual feelings are very intense, especially for teens and if you allow that to run your life and consume your thoughts, then you will have an out of balance life experience, which may include the consequences of rampant sexual thoughts and actions. Be fully aware of the potentials for pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and infections due to hygiene issues. Your body and your reproductive system is a fragile and sacred creation of God, so treat it accordingly.

If your father continues his sexual stimulation of your body and goes further with this behavior, there will be very unhappy consequences for both of you, in the end. Don't allow sexual manipulation to overrun your common sense and tarnish the goals you have for your life.

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