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Molestation/Moms doctor friend examined me


Hello again, thank you for your previous answer but I feel I need to go deeper into what happened? He did examine me a lot and also when mom asked him. He would always ask to undress and touched me frequently looking at my vagina and bottom as well as using his stethoscope on my chest for long periods. When I told mom I didn't like it she said I have to let him, but at the same time wanted to know in detail about every exam he did to me straight away after it happened and I think she had some kind of thrill out of it looking back.

Katie, I don't know your mother's history and how she views motherhood and sexuality, so I can't really comment on what was in her mind or her intentions for you.

If you were having chest congestion, there are several places where a doctor would listen for "chest sounds" but there isn't any reason to linger more than a few moments, in my experience.

I don't think you mentioned being examined in your pelvic regions in the previous question, but I don't know the qualifications of this traveling doctor, either.

As mentioned previously, when your mind is stuck in a loop about any incidents of the past and you can't get beyond it, then that is the time to take actions to dissolve it and move on with your life and your thinking. Learning EFT will help you to move forward and not linger on these trauma moments which you are obsessing about now. "Stuff happens" in everyone's life and if you allow those moments to define you and become the pivot point of your thoughts, then you limit yourself to the infinite possibilities of life.

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