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Molestation/Moms Doctor friend examined me.


A few years ago when I was younger whenever I had a cough or cold my mom used to let a friend of hers examine me. He would come round and mom would show him to my room then left me alone with him, he would ask me to take of my pj's to listen with his stethoscope thing (my own doctor mom usually took me to never asks this)was so embarrassing and sometimes for other exams he did. I remember telling her that I didn't like it but she would just say I had to let him examine me because he was a doctor but wanted to know in detail how he examined me and what he did to me. Sounds weird but now as I am older have a thing for wanting to be examined like this again with an older man even though at the time I hated it??

Katie, you didn't state your age, so I am guessing that you are a tween/teenager now, whose sexual feelings have been awakened by your developing body due to hormonal changes. As a young girl, your chest area was not as sensitive as it has become now and it was just more of a young girl's embarrassment thing at the time, where it has become more sensual now.

I will assume that your earlier experiences were with a genuine doctor or medical practitioner and that nothing traumatic (other than your embarrassment)occurred. I am kind of surprised that your mother didn't stay in the room with you during the exams, but apparently she trusted who he was and that you were not in harm's way.

As you can see, just a few years of development makes a big change in your levels of interest and attitude towards these kinds of "examinations" by older men. Just acknowledge it as that and let it go. In a few years you may revert back to not wanting boys/men putting their hands all over you without your permission.

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