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Molestation/15yo boy touching little brothers


QUESTION: I have a 15 yo cousin who have been caught sucking his little brothers dick once with the 13yo and 2-3 times with the 11yo over the past 3-4 years this is there ages now I'm his uncle and been talking with him about it but his parents are happy with me to do that. He still lives there and the kids are still there I just put it to the mother yesterday that I think the 15yo should move out and in with me to take him away of having a chance to do it again so we could help him with it and they could help the kids I think this would be the best for all involved to move on.
Just want to get some advise on this he is a good kid I got him to say that he did it to me and I'm helping him though it but with his victims still in the same house there's just too much of a chance it will happen again.

ANSWER: Jamie, you are very considerate to offer to take this young teen under your wings. This really is a parental issue and the alarms raised years ago, but sometimes it just doesn't turn out that way. I'm glad that the boy is honest enough to talk about taking responsibility for his actions, but he should also be asking for forgiveness from his two brothers, at least, even if he does leave the house.

Teenagers get pretty frisky and thoughtless in many of their actions, partly due to hormonal changes and also a lack of mental maturity, which really doesn't become fully developed until about age 25.

I am concerned about the fate of the two younger brothers, though, considering all the sexual molestation that has occurred in the past. Molestation can lead to some serious behavioral changes in young children, so some kind of therapy is in order for all three boys, really.

I don't know how close you are to accessing professional help where you are, but if you do a search on "EFT" and the territories/city of where you live, you may be able to access help from an EFT practitioner who can provide some effective help for all the boys in a short amount of time. You can find out more from one of the home sites like and among many, many others who specialize in this advanced healing work.

If your cousin is going to "act" like a man, especially sexually, then he should be treated like one and you will have to teach him about actions and consequences, not only for himself, but how his actions deeply affect others.

If he has some concerns about his sexual orientation, all of these things are going to have to be discussed and accepted as they are. However it turns out, a good dose of asking for forgiveness and receiving it would be immensely helpful for all concerned.

I hope this is helpful information for you,

William Silver

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QUESTION: Just one more question about this he has an older brother who is 17 and young one that is 8 he got caught in the act about a month ago and before then caught about 6 months ago that's what we know off right now he still sleeps in the same room with both of them. what we know off if happens during the day time my question is should he stay there or move out what would be the best for all should I push this on the parents?

Jamie, competent parents would take steps to make sure that this all stops immediately. If they can't/won't take corrective action or the boy just can't stop his compulsions, then he needs to be removed from the environment, so the brothers can feel safe again and get some effective therapy to help them overcome this pattern of sexual abuse/molestation.

When teens get this kind of start, then they tend to start thinking it is "normal" and they continue those behaviors on other children and the cycle just continues to another generation. You or the parents need to intervene and get this boy some effective counseling.

William Silver  


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