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my sun has ben sexually abused when he was living with his dad after the stat reworded him full mastodon rights my sun was living with a friend of the family through the state my son was 1 1/2 when they gave him to his dad my sun and his dad moved in and my nightmare came to be! my sun started to show sighs of sexually acting out he started touching his sister over her cloths and i tryed to redirect him he also tryed to touch me in a manly way in a way a child that age should not know ive tryd to get help no one wanted to help they sed i was over exaggerating this started 09/2007 as time whent on i noticed him humping blankets ,slamming books on his privets he even played with his privets and was acting like he was enjoying it and forcing his sister to touch his privets buy holding her hand on his privets at 1year 10 month old still no one would lesion to me . me and his dad moved and it seemed to get worst he started to forse his sister to site over him on his privets over cloths she would cry trying to get off him and he refused her to wen i saw this i did start teaching him good touch bad touch and that bad touch was not Okay this in 2008 he kept doing it and i would over react each time and still every one would say im over reacting my third child witch was a doughtier was born and we got are own place and i started to notes are secant oldest waking out of their room with out a diaper i fireguard it was normal cuss she was learning to take her diaper off . i went to an appoint meant which she wold always go and she would be fine this appoint meant was my last in 12/08 when the doctor started to check me my doughtier stared acting like she was having a hart attack screaming no mommy and trying to clime up on me even the doctor was cunsern i stop letting them be in the room the door closed one day i was working in the kitchen which was 2009 i herd my oldest girl winning a little then stop  i figured it was nothing so i crept doing what i was doing in the kitchen and then she wined agent and i went to see what was going on and to tell my son who is older to be nice to her and stop telling her what to do when i looked around the corner the door was close and so i opened it i saw my sun kneeling on the floor with half of his finger up her i complained to my therapist and other people and still they send i was over execrating it [me and their dad did git marred a munth after the third was born this will be in portent later ] any was at this time my sun is 3 years old at this time im scared and don't know what to  do at this time i also started to notes that he was starting to touch my youngest doughtier i caught him trying to have actual inter cores with my 9 month old and still no one would lesson to me. 20010 when my 2 older kids started to get services for being behind  i crept companying and they cold CPS and they sed the same thing only they opened a cass up saying i their mom whose ben seeking help for my son seance he was 1 1/2 years old was not protecting my kids they closed the cass and at this time my 2 doghutrs started to sleep in my room and was not a loud to play to gether in a room buy them selfs but my husbend cepet leting me and ther dad seperated because he never whanted to marie me. my oldist still doing thes things ther dad moved out 2011 i moved in a house and that did not worck his dad desided that my sun was going to take him for him to live with his dad  it lasted 1 week about 3 days after he broght my son back he had lerned somthing new that he should not knew and he sed his dad toght him i stop letting him go to his dads alon i moved to plimuth about a munth or to my girls hated to sleep in ther own room i cept asking why and they wouldent tell me. about 2 munths befor september i tuck my older doghter in a room by are self and i ascked her if her broth was tuching in a bad way and she sed yes and that thats why they did not whant to sleep in ther own room that he was geting up at night and pending her doun so she could not come to me and i asked and he edmitted it we moved to my familys property 9/2012 weve ben here sence sep and he is still going in there room at night when they are sleeping and tuching them please duse any one have a sugusten know one knows what to do even people whoe is working with him dusent know what will stop him he also have sed to some one the he whants to grow up to be amalester . please healp the stat tuck him when he was born saying that i couldent protect he and adiqwitly parent him and when i get him back he scwod up i want my baby boy back not this monster some one ternd him in to what do you thenk will healp him

Mom, it appears from your question/statement that the state is not adequately protecting your son and your family from the effects of child abuse of your child. If the local CPS cannot take appropriate action and continue to deflect your concerns and observations, then you must take a different path for help....

And finally, I would suggest that you investigate the potentials of learning and using the EFT process which is available widely on the internet.  Sites like:    and are two of many sites which can offer education and access to EFT practitioners who can help break the cycle of abuse and acting out of your son due to his sexual trauma experiences.

If you must, at least for awhile, put your son in your room and make the door lockable so he cannot get out without your permission and assistance at night. YOU MUST lay down boundaries with him, give him a time out or other consequences for any acting out he does of any kind..

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