Poppies girl wrote at 2015-01-08 11:55:33
My dad was a wonderful loving father he had to play role of mother and father to me he was best friend and my hero and my rock he was envolved in all of mine and my sisters activities tried to give us best childhood he could though mother went on camping and horse back trail riding it was our father we adored I sat on my fathers lap until I was 28 yrs old he used to hold and rock me until due to illness emphesema he was to sick to hold us myself and other sisters yes I did kiss my daddy on the lips gave him back rubs as long as I can remember he broke his back when I was sick suffered with severe back pain, then took lessons from his health nurse how to literly beat daddys back type of message to break up lung mucus when he could o longer hold me I sat at his feet and legs to be close to him was afraid lord would take him from me anyday when he was hospitalilised often three weeks at a time I'd stay every night with him often sleeping in chair if daddy was real sick yes I got right in his bed with him putting my hand on his chest to feel him breath I never felt my dad was a burden to take care of because I could never repay him for the good childhood he gave us no we didn't have a lot of money but he did the best he could he gave us precious memories and never once did he ever touch me in any inappropriate way nor did he my sisters the world needs more daddy's like him he has been gone 21 yrs and I miss him everyday my friends male and female loved my daddy and would say they wished they had a daddy like him!!!people often make judgement jump to wrong conclusions and want to make father daughter that are special something dirty when its so far from true I could always count on my dad to be there when I needed him He babyset my son while I worked he adored my son after having 6 girls and no sons he thought the son set and come up in my son when he would go trail riding with his mail friends son still in diaper my son rode in daddle in front of him holding the reins he was teaching him as he did us how to ride and guide a horse his friend told me after daddy passed how they had diaper changing stations on the trail he also said my son often soaked diaper befor reaching changing station daddy would say we goota stop im about to drown in the saddle my daddy,s friend told son  son now has the saddle my dad rode he told him its only right he have the saddle he pissed it full many times while riding with his poppie that is what my sson called my dad since he learned to talk and he loved his poppie, my daddy passed nine days befor my first daughter was born I had had 3 misscairrages trying to have a girl he did name her as I had asked him between three names wich named he liked she was named the name he liked in his Honor he so tried to hang on till she was born to see her it broke my heart he didn't get to or see my second born daughter I feel they were cheated of having a wonderful poppie  he would had loved and enjoyed them so much getting to watch them grow up their wonderful children all three of them, he was stolen taken much too soon at age 62years old,Just don't judge till you know the whole story my daddy was my best friend and gave us all unconditional love even when we did things that disappointed him he let us learn from our mistakes but was their to help and support us His love was pure and I'd whip anyone who ever thought or accussed daddy of being anything but a great daddy and if he were alive today I;m now 54 Yes I'd give him a peck kiss on the lips and the biggest hug and not wan

t to let him go!!!!


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