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Hi, I am a single to two twin daughters who I love very much. Abbey and Corin are both 12 and as you would expect very close.  Recently they have been play wrestling a lot and they usually like to do it on my huge king sized bed, they don't hurt each other it is more tickling and the like.  I work from the computer in my room so often they bowl in and wrestle on my bed.  I don't know if I should worry but I have watched them to make sure they don't get too rough, or glanced up from my computer.  Often I have seen them both tickling and massaging eachother over their boobs which are developing, tickling down the sides of eachothers tummy, on the thighs, over their panties on their bums.  Sometimes they have their thighs between eachother and sort of humping, often I see their panty crotch and their sex looks swollen beneath the fabric, once or twice I have seen a hand between the thighs against the panty crotch.  My question is is this normal and ok?

Harry, your girls are becoming young teens, moving through puberty and into more and more sexual awareness in their minds and bodies. Sibling sexual experimentation is common in families and probably has been going on for longer than you have observed.

As twins, their emotional/mental bond is probably stronger than other sibling bonds and they going to be like that for most of their growing years and beyond.

It may be challenging for you, as a dad, to have a frank talk with them about their sexual development stages and how they need to express that (or not) as they mature and engage with peers and others, but that conversation needs to happen sooner than later.

They are still in that playful stage between childhood and adolescence now, so they will probably continue to tease each other regularly. Yes, they are on the way to becoming young women and they need guidance about boundaries with each other and with boys in the future.

I don't think anything is out of the ordinary here, but you will need to corral their playfulness  up a little bit in the next few years. They are going through one of the many stages of their own physical, emotional and mental growth. Give them a lot of love, support and guidance and they should turn out just fine.

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