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Ok so today my daughter came to me and said she sexes her baby when I asked her to show me how she said she pulled her pants down she started kissing her baby. I asked her where she learned it from and she really didn't say anything accept for me sex my baby mommy... My son who is 4 said sissy sexes her baby and when I asked him who told him that he said he learned it from his brain I'm really scared And confused. I asked my daughter tonight if anyone has touched her in her no no spot and she said yes I asked who and she said my 4 year old son. I asked her if he hurt her and she said yes but then she also told me the little girl from next door who is 4 has touched her no. No spot yesterday both my son and daughter had told me they seen the sexing the baby on the dancing movie. The only movie I have has one or 2 kissing parts in it... I'm really worried about things with her... Should I be concerned? What should I do? Signed a reAlly concerned mother

Dawn,  Welcome to the trials and tribulations of parenting young children. There are 1,000s of sites covering the subject and it is important information for parents to understand. We are all sexual beings and the awareness is there, almost from the beginning of life.

The challenge for young children is that they are all about their feelings, emotionally and physically. If they discover things that feel good they will dwell upon them. When similarly aged children all play together, they explore and share each other's feelings and experiences as a part of learning about themselves and the world. This is a natural process of life and living.

That said, it is vitally important that they learn about inappropriate touching from others and report it to you. You have to continually reinforce "the rules" about touching with small children, as they forget or become easily distracted by people who are trying to manipulate them for their own purposes.

Sexual situations are everywhere in print, Internet, TV and films, so it is important to screen them out from their viewing wherever possible, but in the end it is part of their lives and upbringing. As they grow and learn about life and where/how babies appear, they will get a fuller understanding of who they are, how they got here and what the whole "sex" thing is all about. Give her lots of love and reinforcement about right/wrong and always make it safe for her to tell you what is going on in her life. For her to feel safe to do that, you must learn to be "interested" but not over-reactive in your responses.

Having to deal with your children's interest in sexual behaviors can bring up old memories in parents who have had negative memories about their own sexual experiences. I recommend learning the EFT method of healing those old wounds effectively, quickly and without the need for drugs and "talk therapy." Go to sites like and for more details about this powerful and effective healing technique.

I hope this is helpful for you,

William Silver


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