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Caught my 8 almost nine year old grand-daughter rubbing my almost 5 year old's private area. This is not the first time something like this has happened. Other grand-daughters younger than her and one older than her(not siblings) has said she has touched them inappropriately or tried too. She was taken away from her parents at age 3. She spent 2 weeks in foster care. She may have been in compromising situations while living with her bio-parents. They were heroin addicts. I suspected that she was masturbating at age 3. She does not deny that she masturbates now.I know she is sorry but more so about being caught. What should I do? I told the 5 year old's Mother to let her be aware. Is this just child's play? There are no behavior problems at school although she does not work up to her ability. She is a leader and makes friends. She has been displaying behavior problems at home.

Kathy,  The 9 year old has been caught and warned. She's old enough to know that it wasn't the right thing to do, even before she got caught. Reinforce the rules with her and the other children who have been affected. If there is another violation, then it is time for counseling/therapy for this young lady.

Kids are sexually aware very early in life, as you have witnessed and she has acknowledged to you. She could be about to start puberty early and is becoming more in tune with her body's changes or it may just be juvenile sexual experimentation phases. Be aware of the nature of any of the children's behavior patterns and if they shift radically at some point in time. This could be a tip-off to bigger issues developing.

It is not easy being a kid anymore. They are bombarded with so much sexual content in the news, web, advertising, etc. so they are bound to be curious about it all, more now than in the past. She needs to have the boundaries reinforced and to be observed carefully for the next few weeks/months, as she interacts with other children. He world is continuing to expand as she goes to school and meets new people in her life. Hopefully, those events will take her focus off of her sexuality for awhile.

If she was molested in her earlier years, then therapy help should definitely be on the to-do list. If you learn the easy steps of EFT (emotional freedom technique) you can use it on the kids and teach it to them, so they can shed their bad feelings quickly and effectively. See sites like and for details.

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