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Molestation/What is consider inappropriate touching?


My parents are divorced, and my mother has main custody of my brother and I. My father is a raging alcoholic. I see him every two weeks, and as I get older he has been touching me more. Currently, I am fifteen years old. Generally I hate most people touching me, but when my father touches me, it makes me uncomfortable. The touching is pretty mild: he caresses my legs when we sit close, lays in bed with me, and even slaps my butt. (As I type this out, it seems less mild.) He has always laid with me, but touching my legs and hitting my butt is new. When I tell him not to touch me he gets upset and says "Can't I touch you? I'm your father after all." Even though he is my father it still makes me uncomfortable and I feel he shouldn't touch me. The question is, what is to much touching and is the above inappropriate?

Tia, at 15 or even younger, you can speak your truth about how it feels to be touched inappropriately and your wishes should be honored. Tell your mother about these episodes so you have someone else on your side, when this comes up for discussion....

And you can say, "No, father, you can't touch me like that anymore, even though I am your daughter. It makes me feel uncomfortable and I don't like that feeling. Please stop doing that any more." Your father has no "right" to touch you in that manner.

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