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Molestation/ive felt funny about it since it happened but not sure really what to think of it.


So when I was pregnant I went to a clinic to get a check up. I didnt know how far along I was at the time. To mind you I am very comfortable whether my doctor is a male or female that doesnt bother me. Any who during my appointment I guess he was able to tell how far along I was by inserting his two fingers in my vagina and doing a little pressing on my lower stomach. I've asked one doctor before if you a even able to tell or give someone an estimate on how far along they are by doing that and her response was no. Now the reason why I've somewhat let it go after being uncomfortable about for this long is because I do believe there was a female nurse present in the room at the time. I'm just confused and don't really know how to feel or what to think of it... Open to all comments and answer.

Lisa, I am not a doctor and don't specialize in obstetrics, that's for sure...

The best person to ask is the doctor who did this procedure... Have the clinic check the records to see who it was at that time and/or ask who is in charge of that department. If there was a female nurse present, which I would think would be normal protocol in that situation, it would be highly unusual for a male doctor to do anything other than normal testing. There are a lot of doctors who have learned special tests or procedures that are not necessarily found in class, often learned from doctors who have had years of experience.

If you can't get the answers you want, at least you can release the uneasy feeling about that moment, using the EFT process. This gentle tapping technique will neutralize just about any traumatic memory or incident from the past that might be a trigger for an unconscious reaction to a similar circumstance. Look for information on this fascinating and effective treatment technique at and many others. There is probably an experienced EFT practitioner in your area who could coach you along with this issue and teach you this easy to learn self-help technique.

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