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Molestation/My daughter was molested by her step-father


R Byers wrote at 2007-04-20 13:25:03
As someone that has been abused i can not understand how you could ever think about taking this man back. You say you love him even after he has amitted that he did this to your little girl that i do not understand. I can tell you she will never get over this this is a forever thing. I have three little girls of my own and to think of them having to go though abuse makes me sick. You my say I am hard but to bring this man back into your home makes you no better then the abuser. I feel sick with the fact that you say you love him how could you that is your child you are there to protect her. Not bring an abuser into the house, what makes you think it would never happen again it would. I just hope you little angel does not no you feel like this.

If you take him back I hope you give your little girl to your mum or someone that will protect her as clearly you are NOT.

R Byers

Rebecca wrote at 2007-04-23 09:11:07
I think the only person here that matters is your daughter.

My ex husband sexually abused my daughter too. he has groomed her so well that she thought it was normal from age 7-16. It all came out when my foster daughter spoke out about his sexual advances toward her as well.

I do not believe your daughter is the only victim of your paediophile ex husband. He doesn't love you. If he had loved you he would never have molested your daughter.

Forget him, and be a mother to your daughter. Your daughter sounds like a strong wondeful young lady to have approached you in regards to this.

I suggest you do some research on paediophiles, and then you will realize the monster you allowed into you trust and home.

Don't let your daughter down.

Cyndee wrote at 2007-05-15 01:06:09
The expert is waaay too impartial. My stepdad molested me for 10 years, my mom knew (which puts a whole new angle on things) but hey...why would you want to continue to be with someone who had their fingers all over YOUR daughter... Lady. You better know that if you pick the man over your own flesh and blood that you can loose for for life. What's more important to you? Your ever lasting relationship with our baby or your selfish needs to be loved by some man who will do it again to some other poor girl...

cbull wrote at 2007-09-08 05:12:54
Hey I just want to let you know that it is your duty as a parent to protect your child and if you do not then you are just as bad. I'am 33 years old and I was sexually abused and just faced my abuser in court not too long ago so that my daughter would never have it happen to her. So my prayers are with your daughter.

lucy wrote at 2007-10-18 03:05:36
What mental frame of mind is this man in; who molested your own daughter? I'm sorry but its unacceptable, it shouldnt matter what he says or how much you loved each other. People have faces, and considering you now know what you do.. you're lucky you do. Your lucky you know that he has a severely twisted side. If he molested you're daughter... Hes... fit for jail. He deserves to be punished. And the public deserves the truth and safety from a person who would do such a thing. I know what you may be thinking.. I know. But you need to abondon what you have always thought of him.. it is not the same person-- now you know. Show some RESPECT to your daughter! Have respect for yourself. Have some respect for what is punishable... and what is forgivable.. because what he did is NOT.

Agreer wrote at 2008-03-17 19:47:09
I have been going through something very simular. The love of my life molested my Daughter but I am not as brave as you.  I still raise my 4 year old daughter in this happy household that has been built on a glass foundation.  I hate his mouth anymore its to gross.  We have the greatest family and family time.  If I leave I would have to go back 3 days away, seperate my family I have a 11 year old, and a 10 month old as well.  My parents are acoholics and I am not very book smart. I hate my life and wait for God to take it away from me.  This is not what I want to secretly carry in my heart every day it hurts so bad.  I wish I was as strong as you.

Tania wrote at 2008-03-23 15:03:27
I think you are both crazy. How could you love

your daughter's molester. You both need to go to

jail. You are no mother!!!

My grandfather molested me and then my father

in law molested my daughter. I know what

I am talking about you will only mess up the

victim more by supporting the molester...

go get your head checked, normal people don't

love child molesters they are disgusted by them.

WAKE UP! Your are a sick too.

LMac wrote at 2008-05-02 20:26:11
I know it's hard with how you feel about your husband but your daughter MUST come first, no question about it.  He is scum and must go to jail.  That is he cheated on you.  There shouldn't be a question.  Who cares how he's doing....he brought this on himself.

marion wrote at 2008-09-01 01:06:18
my husband touched my daughter(his step) on the breast she was ten. we went through court, it destroyed my children and our family. There was no support to reconcile even though that's what the children want. what makes it worse is when this happened he was just dealing with his own abuse by his brother as a child as he had buried it for years,his parents ignored it and still refuse to believe him. my husbands counseling was stopped when he was accused of abusing my daughter, i still love him although i have hated him too and we have a young son. i see him but we don't live together. The kids want to see him but not live with him as they are afraid of what other people will say, so we understand that may take a long time (until they leave home). people should remember there are different circumstances and its better to help abusers get help or it will continue as the statistics show.

natasha wrote at 2008-10-23 21:52:01
kick him to the curb, he is not worth trying to work out things. I was sexually abused by my stepfather and my mother wanted to be with him and it had major effects to my mental health- think of your daughter and help her heal before it is too late.

Christine wrote at 2008-10-27 02:24:27
Are you insane!!!  I didn't even have to finish this post you made!  I stopped at "but I also love my husband"!!!! My Lord, God help your daughter!!! WOW!  How could you betray your daughter like that!  Im done

private wrote at 2009-02-15 10:24:23
hi,this is such a bad thing to go through for you and your daughter i am sure but you being a mother should put your child first.i was molested by my stepfather when i was only 10 years old and it continued until i was 13.get this,my mother is still with the bastard,this situation has really divided us as a family.but if you forgive him that is the christ like thing to do but to tuck it away and move on with him will be like living a lie and think about how destroyed your daughter would feel if you choose him over her.that may not be your intent,but that's exactley how she would feel.i am not just on the outside looking in this is an unfortunate thing that i went through and still to this day i am suffering from.swettie there are other men out there move on and get over him please do it for yourself and your daughter because this situation will not go away and he is the reason for this situation.

Mother of molested one wrote at 2009-06-11 17:03:42
This creep molested your baby girl for years.

Banish him from your lives forever.

It is time to go to the police. Your child fears publicity probably because he put tht fear into her with psychological suggestion.

Make the call Mom. It is our mission to protect our babie at all cost.

Send that louse to jail. He is a child molester, a predator.

Rhonda wrote at 2009-07-05 09:02:28

I am truely sorry for what you are going through.  

Like Christine I, too, was sexually abused as a child.  There was never penetration, just inappropriate touch.  It started when I was seven years-old.  

As a result of the said activities, I had difficulty all the way through my early twenties.  Now, I am in my mid-thirties and am pretty-much better; however, I think I still have a little Post Traumatic Stress due to it.  

I grew to be a "normal", responsible adult who is a Registered Nurse in a Critical Care Unit and a mother of three daughters.  

I took many Psychology and Sociology classes in effort to work my way through my own problems, in addition to helping me in my profession.  I also received a good deal of counseling.  

I have learned that what your husband has is a disorder in his brain.  Pedophelia is not a "mistake" or an "accident".  It is a disturbing urge that people get and they can't seem to help themselves.  There is no getting rid of it.  He may be able to control himself short term.  He may even be able to supress it forever, but the thought and desire will re-occur intermittently.  

You three need counseling, but not to maintain the relationship.  

He needs help with his disorder.  

You need someone to talk to and to help you understand that the right thing for you and your daughter is to move on.  

Your daughter needs counseling to rid her of guilt that she probably wont admit she has.  It will teach her how to not be a victim, also.  

Also, your counseling will help you steer clear of future losers... you will be better able to spot "red flags".  

For now, love and support your daughter.  Let her take great comfort in the trust and respect she will always have in you for standing by the decision to send your husband away.  

Remember, you did the right thing to send him away.  Don't let him press on your heart strings so you will feel tempted to take him back.  Put distance between you.  I would suggest cutting off all communication so you don't feel weakend by him and fall prey to your own co-dependant tendencies.

I pray you do press charges against that man.  Please, consider it.  If not for your daughter... then for all the other little girls in the world who have fallen victim to men like your husband.

Praying for you!


samantha wrote at 2009-07-31 02:55:28
The answer lacks one very important aspect.  The man,

dad, step-dad sexually abused a young child.  This makes him a child sexual predator.  They are sick.

They do not have to be monsters but THEY NEED HELP and since  

they broke the law should be punished AND most important they don't do it only once but many times.  It is a sickness that they cannot control. A

normal person does not molest a child.  Statistics have it that each molester sexually abuses at least 10 or 11 children.  The best interest of all these children are at stake here.  It is a sad situation but the molester should be made to pay, get help and be registered as a sex offender.  How else can these children be protected.  It is a sickness.  It will not go away by counseling or by taking him back.  I

personally cannot see ever being with a child molester.  These children's lives are ruined...their self-esteem, their future relationships with others, etc.

Yorkshire Girl wrote at 2009-11-18 01:16:19
My two year old daughter was sexually abused by her so called Christian babysitter, it made me physically sick for years.Not that long ago our daughter who is 35 soon said 'I wonder how Kevin Hiverly is doing?She said every night when I  close my  eyes I  can see him hovering over her.So this terrible incident as bothered her all of her life.The only one regret in  my life is that I did not kill him.

As for this woman still loving this man , I despair.

pedophiles must be executed wrote at 2009-12-29 02:32:03
these men are not sick. the studies show that the recitivism rate (the reoccurance likelihood) is almost 100%.  they are predators, criminals.  put them in jail and let them know what it's like to be violated. to be penetrated. to be victimized.  let hell sort em out.

sam wrote at 2010-01-27 08:59:16
I am so sorry to hear what happened to you

& your daughter. When my son was around 2 years old he started saying daddy was pjalying pee pee games with him and that he had made him touch his penis. He also said that daddy put his finger inside his bottom I was so devistated I was going thru a divorce at the time and I took my son immediatley to the police station I told them I do not want to be in the room I want you to to talk to him alone and get to the truth.  The police took a toy bear into the room with him and my son showed them what had been to him.

I was so devistated the court made his father get counceling and took his visitation away only monitored visits were aloud for 20 minutes a week until he finished his counceling.

Now my son and his father have a great relationship.

my son is now 21.

The sad part about this story is that just a few years ago I was watching some old family videos and came across a video of my son and his STEP Father it showed my new husband molesting my son.  

I was so devistated did I make the wrong man go through counceling.  I filed for divorce from my second husband.... what did I do.  Did this mean they both molested him at the same time or did I make a horrible mistake and take my son from his father and place him in the hands of the man who was really molesting him.

My ex wants to get back together, Ilove him but the video that I destroyed will haunt me for the rest of my life.

kids come first wrote at 2010-01-31 21:45:46
Wow theres some useless mothers out there.How can you possibly still love someone that had molested your child and had damaged her in this way or in any way.

Im telling you from experience your daughter will never be the same.And if you do give him a chance your daughter will think mum never really cared about what happen to me.I am so disgusted a mother could even think about giving him another chance.Are you that nieve to think that he hasn't or wont touch anyone else.

Peadifiles are the scum of the earth they dont deserve to breath let alone a second chance.

You shouldnt be worring about he has no one...You only priority should be your innocent daughter and getting her the help she needs..

This made me feel sick when i read what you wrote

mooshminkers wrote at 2010-02-19 01:45:14
I was sexually abused for 11 years by step dad. When I finally had the courage to tell my mom, she told me, "What do you want me to do? That's all in the past". I could see that she was devastated and felt helpless, but she still supported my step dad. She'd try to rationalize his actions, and ask me to promise NOT TO TELL ANYONE ABOUT IT. She loves her husband so much that she does not want THIS to ruin his name.

Let me tell you, after that, I have NO AMOUNT OF RESPECT towards my mom. She cannot protect me from the love of her life. BOTH OF THEM should be lucky that I don't want to report this to the police. I SUGGEST YOUR DAUGHTER SHOULD since YOU'RE NO PROTECTOR OF HERS.

ragazza wrote at 2010-04-03 16:24:39
Why on Earth would you want to be with man who wanted his hands all over your child? Stand up and be a woman and a mother! There is no way that that man could be apart of your family's life again. What your daughter was brave and it would be so disrespectful to go back to him. I am a Christian but I would forgive him and move on. Find a man who is not sick. The step father has a disease that needs to be healed.

Sora wrote at 2010-05-11 15:17:48
How DARE you even consider having your husband move back in!!!!! Kill him!!!!!! Do you even realize how this has scarred your daughter must be??????????????? YOU ARE A TERRIBLE MOTHER FOR KEEPING THIS MAN IN YOUR LIFE AT ALL! If my father EVER molested me, I would expect my mother to drop him as if he were a ball of fire! If my daughter were ever molested by my husband, I would leave him so fast, he wouldn't have time to blink. Cut the crap. Put your daughter first.

sandy wrote at 2010-05-12 17:25:50
Hello, i know the hell you are going through,but when my baby girl was 5 i walked in the kitchen  and my husband at the time was sawing some trees down. My 5 year old baby girl was spinning around on the floor on her but. i just got off work. he was her stepfather, and i had his children also,2 and 3 by another mom.Anyways she said Tony but his finger in my but.I ran out the door and confronted him and yea he denied.I called children services and a lady came out and said she dont think anythink anything happened.well at 16 yrs old she said mom it happened till i was 11 yrs old.yhat breaks a peice of my heart off every day    he even took a lie dector test and passed  but i left the second time she cried out for help    so dont make my mistake   she is an addict now because i didnt believe at first

hope wrote at 2010-05-20 03:44:34
My 17 and 15 year old daughters told me my husband had been touching them. They told me it was up to me what to do and they just wanted him out of the house. I loved my husband deeply, and was very angry at him. I have put a lot of energy into our family and he just destroyed it so easily. Let alone all the torment he has put on  my two girls, and my other children who are younger. He never admitted it but from what he said I knew he did it. A couple days after my girls told me I reported it (something I thought I would never do but I knew it was the right thing to do - hardest decision I have ever made b/c I do not believe in punishment/prison and I am fighting my own beliefs) I am a very positive spiritual individual that can see from different angles but I really couldn't see why, or how he could do this to his children. I was unconsciously angry at him but has since forgiven the situation for my welfare and all my children. I am going back to my self who is happy with all my blessings in my life but not with him. I will pray for him and my family for the best possible outcome. He has been charged and the girls and I are testifying against him. I am planning to move away in the summer. I deeply empathize with all who is dealing with this. Remember you are a good loving parent and only you know what is best in your situation. I believe this situation has let my empathize with even pedophiles b/c I do remember the good qualities about him and recognize those qualities within my children. God bless you and keep you.  

AFriend:) wrote at 2010-05-22 22:26:20
I had been molested for the past 3 years by my dad since i was 8. He was arrested finally about two months ago.Im not allowed to see him til im 18 or contact him in any possible way.I am 13 now.I will never forget what a disgusting father he was and i dont love him as much at all. Yes i feel sympathy for him because his life is ruined but what he did was still wrong..and just telling u because i myself am like ur daughter and this is coming from me cus i see things from ur daughters perspective...

If u ever ask her if theres anyway u can get back together as a family again with ur husband again, this might lead to her thinking that u care about ur husband  more than ur own daughter!..i get it that u still love him and he loves u back, but getting back with him is one thing ur daughter will NEVER approve of..My mom is also sad and loves my dad but even if she did wanna live together wit him love for her would lessen too...i might have Post traumatic stress disorder and ur daughter might too.

I am so sorry ma'am i know how hard it is and i know exctly how ur daughter feels but ull feel better .Dont worry!..i would never live wit my father again...i dont wanna see him anytime soon..ever..i went thru soo much emotional pain...ur daughter needs supportand love so now mam u need to put ur daughter first..NOT ur husband..Hes a monster!

twilight wrote at 2010-07-05 23:52:29
The answer given is wrong. My daughter was molested my my then husband - I confronted him and he looked as though someone had caught his hand in the cookie jar, that is how guilty he looked. I said well I am going to call the police, you can either be here when they get here or you can leave. He grabbed only his shoes and his keys and left. We went through all the motions - police interviews, video tapes, etc. My daughter STILL had to testify in court along with her best friend whom he had also molested. It took the cops 6 months to locate my husband and another year to actually have the trial. By the time we went to court, my daughter and her best friend's stories were different, (that much time going by, it wasnt a surprise to me) and the jury came back undecided because the stories were not exactly the same as when they first reported it. So the end result was a mistrial and my daughter's molester was allowed to walk.

he is now remarried, has another daughter, and is trying to get custody of my child. You know, you never know how its going to turn out, but you do your damn best to protect your children. I just hope that I am able to protect mine. I haven't got the means to disappear or that is exactly what I would do. My faith in the justice system is not very high anymore.

Veronica wrote at 2010-07-15 06:11:39
You cannot allow an suspected abuser anywhere near to your child..... if you knowingly do this , you run the risk of losing custody of your child..... The chances are, you are still either in an abusive or highly manipulated situation by the abuser.  Get away, if a family member can't help, go to a shelter.   No man is worth it....all children are innocent, give yourself the best chance, don't be 911, child molesters are felons

jessica wrote at 2010-07-19 19:37:35
For goodness sake!! i have been married for 3years and my daughter is 4,i have just found out that he has been abusing wanna know the first thing that came into my head?? i wanna kill that sick arsehole!! were now going through a court case and i hope he dies in prison!! my daughter comes first and your no mother if you don't think the same!  

whats wrong with mothers theses days? wrote at 2010-08-02 02:52:01
hey.....i was molested by my stepfather too started when i was offense but how can you still love a man who tried to harm your child? what kind of a man would satisfy himself , sexually, with a child who is 7. my mother knew about this and she did nothing and i hate her for not doing anything.cant you see he is sick!!!! you can fall in love again but can your daughters innocence come back? if you reconcile with this shame of a man then what about your daughter....? how hurt and alone she will feel that her mother decided to chose the a$$hole who molested her over her.....lady what is wrong with you ....why are you even asking such a question???? you need support to say yeah its ok to still love the man who molested your daughter for years....!!!! NO ITS NOT.....

marisol143 wrote at 2010-09-23 13:45:57
i am going thru the same situation with my mother. you c i was a victim myself my step father molested me for the first time at the age of 8 i told my mother right away but she didn't believe me. it went on for quite sometime i left my house when i was 16 time went on i had two kids since i left home. i found my self at one point with no were to go and decided to move back home with mom. till i get on my feet never leaving my kids with my step dad. one day he make some very uneasy comments about my body and other disgusting gestures if you get my drift. i left as soon as i could and went to a shelter. MY WHOLE POINT TO MY STORY IS NO MATTER HOW MUCH LOVE THERE IS BETWEEN HIM AND YOU MEN OR WOMAN WHO DO THAT WILL ALWAYS GO BACK TO IT IT ONLY TAKES A MATTER OF TIME IT IS A SICKNESS AND CAN ONLY GET CURED WITH HELP if he isn't making the necessary steps to get help he will go back to it and it will happen again my mom has left him after going back and forth but i am really hoping you make the right decision to see your mother with some one who has hurt you is torture because he got a way with murdering our child hood i my self may never have the relationship i have always wanted cause of my fear of men its very hard for me to trust please take your daughter in to consideration you will not regret it i promise.  

dontcarenomore wrote at 2010-09-30 02:17:29
I am going through the same husband touched my daughter on the butt and breast, and thankfully nowhere else...I need a divorce, but I dont have a job and am so mentally out of it with all the stress, that I cant even think about holding one down.  If he goes to jail for this, myself and my children will suffer much worse, no home, no money, and I am just so confused.  I dont love him anymore but I am staying with him until all the court stuff goes through, I dont think he can help us in jail I am just so worried about our future, I understand just need to wonder if you love him because you love him or you just need the support are more important, but you have to be able to support them as well.

B wrote at 2010-10-04 02:41:52
It is easy to sit back and judge or give advice to someone when you haven't been through this horrible night mare.  

To all you people who think you know exactly what you would do if this happen to you or your children.....THINK AGAIN!

I was a single mom of two girls.  I met a man who had a daughter as well.   We married and almost 10 years later my daughters came to me with the horrible truth about my husband....The only man I have ever been in love with.  By this time we had our own daughter.  

I felt like  Robot doing all I did when my girls came to me.  Immediately I kicked him out had the girls seen and did all the things I should have done as a mother should do.  BUT.....I still loved this man as did my children.  He did have all the control as well.  I had not worked in years.  He supported us all and manipulated me to do things for him and with him.  I had no choice.  There are not places or support like you would think.  I have no family or friends that would take us all in.  I lost a step daughter that I raised since she was 3 1/2.   But I stood by my daughters and went any mile I had to for them.  He is now in prison and fighting me for the right to send letters to our 3 year old daughter.  He has rights...Yep....He has rights.  He gets his day in court.  So it is up to some family law judge to tell me he can or can not write and keep contact with our baby girl.  How the hell do you think that will go over?  He only wants to keep tabs on me and my kids.  He wants to know where we are at all times and he wants us to know he knows where we are at all times.  He also wants to torment us and let us know he is still there.  He can not love.  He is a sociopath.  And the sad thing is we ALL still have feelings for him.  I don't feel bad for where he is.  He did it to himself!  He has to pay the price and it is a small one for what he did.  Our lives will never be the same again!!!!!  My girls will never love or trust the way they should.  Their innocence was lost at the touch of the very man that should have protected them.

To all of you women and children out there going through this.  You are not alone!  Just do the best you can do.  Protect your kids the best you can.  It's not easy!  BEFORE OR AFTER!!!!!!  It never ends.  Do what you have to and survive.  PROTECT YOUR KIDS!  I never let him near my girls again.   He only saw our daughter supervised by me.  I never turned my back for a second!  He would and probably did the same to her.  :(   

Why can't we just lock these people up forever?

OH yes....He also passed a Pedophile report... what do you call a man that likes to stick his fingers into little girls?  SOCIOPATH!  

Jo wrote at 2010-10-31 16:02:22
I'm in a very similar situation. However daughter says only happened once 4 yrs ago and not since.  I just found out and kicked him out next morning.  Was curious what happened with u since the original post is so long ago.

Motherfrom michigan wrote at 2010-11-22 02:35:33
My daughter was molested by my husband and she is now 21 and it has just came out. I have 1 child in common with this man no living relatives 4 children that have only me, no money and the list goes on. I think the key should be thrown away for you and your husband and get what child molesters there skin cut off from every bone on their body and twice for you being a  mother and considering a reconciliation.

Rev. Victor wrote at 2011-01-15 12:24:36
As a Christian Marriage counselor together with my wife, we have heard of more cases of child molestation than I want know. The sex craze in our country is out of control because there are no standards by any authority, but of man. I am sick within over these horrible incidences. These girls are experiencing psychological problems which have led them to drinking, drugs, more sexual activity with men because of how these women feel within themselves. that is, no worth. They are just pieces of meat to be used and abused. Maybe you felt that way. Especially as the predator seeks out the used wife who is lonely and in need. I also notice the trend of the divorce issue, which I will try to be brief. When a person gets a divorce they should remain as they are and care for their family. Statistics show the rise in sexual abuse with stepchildren and step dads; simply put they are not kin. To them these children are just another girl in the house. The division in the marriage alone shows that by the, "my children" situation. They are not his nor will they ever be. They are yours from your previous marriage or previous relationships. As a remarried wife you will try to say, ďtreat them as your own,Ē but they are not. That will always be, no matter how you want it to be. There are very few and far in between of a step dad that is responsible, and that is too high A risk to try to get your own lonely needs met which is more about you and your selfish wants. The Bible offers us the answer, unfortunately the Church has failed us on the divorce issue never admitting what Jesus said about divorce, bottom line Matt. 5:32 & Luke 16:18 whoever marries her that is divorced commits adultery. People read the exception clause as a license to remarry, but Statistics on remarriage divorces 2nd time 75% 3rd time 94% I wonder why? One major reason - children reject the new spouse. They donít want a new daddy or mommy. I didnít either when my parents divorced. Is God showing us something? The new spouse has to win over to be accepted. In most cases it starts out with just playing till he becomes aroused by the affection of the little innocent girl. Its part of the winning over situation. He is challenged by the conquer thing. He has conquered you, now a new adventure. Also note that if you and your new spouse donít get along, He may seek new areas of affection.   The movies make it sound so acceptable but you never see the end of the movie. The Bible says that you too failed to work things out with your first husband and be reconciled to him or remain as you are. Of course if you don't trust in God youíre on your own. Bravo to all those who stood up for mother hood. I am sorry for your daughter, but it will have its affect. It will show in her behavior. Your fear is all that was invested your home and life, leaving means starting over, alone with your child. Stop looking around and concentrate on the gift before you. Put your fear in the right place for your daughter and not on your stuff. If you are a believer, God is a father to the fatherless and a husband to the widow. There is so much to say to make this matter as clear a possible. I hope this will help your decision.

Rev Victor

Hailey wrote at 2011-04-15 14:58:24
omfg...everybody here needs to stfu.  I'm 12 years old and am having a secret relationship with my stepdad.  I know exactly what I'm doing and I love every minute of it.  I will never tell anyone about what's going on because I don't see anything wrong with it. I know that most people don't consider it normal, but it's normal for us. I also don't care about what anyone would say about it; I know you would label him a pedo monster and I know what a pedo is.  We are in love with each other though so he's not a pedo monster.  We go out on dates and in public we hold hands and kiss on the lips.  I'm not talking about a quick peck either.  You all need to get lives!

so sad wrote at 2011-04-17 15:40:40
Little girl you and your stepfather needs help... I pray for u.

vic wrote at 2011-08-22 20:29:18
It seems that many people continue to perpetuate the myth about reoffense rates and different types of offenders. There are many. Get educated. And for people going through this, do what is best for your children. If your children want a relationship and the offender has gone through treatment, stay informed with his therapy and allow supervision. If they don't want a relationship, don't even consider it. It's about the children and how they feel they can heal. I also suggest going with what your child's counselor suggests. In some cases, reconnection with a loved one can bring healing and forgiveness, in others, not so much. Every situation is unique. To just suggest that child offenders will not and can not get better goes against what we know. For instance, regressed offenders and incest offenders have the lowest reoffense rate of any crime there is. Then you have your fixated category... they have an extremely high reoffense rate. Let's get educated... because that is the only weapon we have to protect our children. And nobody has the right to say how a child should heal... except that child.  

blue eyes wrote at 2012-03-22 22:15:27
my nieces were molested for years since the age of diaper to my understanding, the  father said "he had the right to do so"?

why? they girls grew up and finally turned him in and his uncle had done time in the Penn for rape and knowing this he coped a plea went to the mental health center, his wife had a nervous

breakdown and withdrew the charges against the father, there is no consideration in the molestation nuts or not of which

he was not but agreed to counseling and still had porn books

still viewed x rated movies and the constitution in the

case of main vs the us supreme court rendered the death penalty

for the acts, can you give you opinion of why they let him walk?

shattered heart and dreams wrote at 2012-06-15 06:18:17
I am a victim of my daughter being molested by her grandfather which is a sex ed teacher.made major head lines across the u.s.always knew in the back of my head what i would do if any one harmed my children.didn't go like i was have planned.both of my girls have been taken away and put into foster family reputation is shattered.i miss my girls so much.its going on Two years now.Robert orange dicksoncounty school teacher.settles out of court probation.and all charges dissmissed.even failed the lie detector test.cps never mentions him and have forgotten why they took my children dickson tn is doing all they can not to shine a bad light on its they protect the perpetrators.its taking me everything not to be weak and temperate.i wonder to god how could sin go UNnoticed when its dealing withgods angels.howcould her father betray me his daughter gods could he ruin his family.relatives had to choose.who side they were going to takeand because he's a deacon and high in the society's view no one would face the daughters r tramatized.they mean the world to me and its to late for me to protect them.and what to dobit not strong enoughbut reading and research helps me cope.

hopr wrote at 2012-08-27 15:06:52
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Forever Strong To ALL wrote at 2012-08-31 06:12:37
Hi all: I can tell you, the pain never goes away when someone you trust violated you in such an intimate way and the "so-called"  mom (aka:Foster mom) you thought would love you ignores every disgusting "sexual pig"(sorry)--that abused you(and blinds her eyes to the abuse in her home you lived in)still to this day has the offender on a "royal" pedestal cannot stop treating one as though I need to bow down to her?  I have given up on believing i ever loved her.  My offender is still--to her--an aryean breed (just like the type Hitler worshiped.  She gave up on my family(and, of course ME), but has many shrouds; as well as, continuous acknowledge of his perfect family(mainly him).  Until he "married" his slave-bride, he could never seem to stop "GETTING TO ME", THEN, and only then--did he stop!!! he was even a convicted criminal, and she still worshiped that so-called person(I just can't attach man to it)  

Butterflyyy20 wrote at 2012-09-09 10:05:47
I was molested by my stepdad for years. It started when I was 7 and it went on for a couple years until I spoke up and told my mother. The only thing that happened was that he promised to never touch me again. A few years later when I was 13 I woke up to him touching me inappropriately in the middle of the night. This time I was old enough to stop it and told my mom right away. I was heartbroken. The man who is supposed to love me and protect me was doing this to me?!? I was just a little girl I couldn't understand why. well after that happened my mom still stayed with him and is still with him to this day. It hurts so much it's painful inside. I will never forget that eye did this to me and I will never forgive my mom for choosing him over me. I feel so betrayed. The two people who I once loved so much are the two who hurt me the most. I love my mom but I have so much hate towards her too. As for my stepdad I keep a civil relationship with him. I pretend to have forgotten but I haven't . At times it's totally out of my head but when those memories come back it's so painful & I cry at night sometimes. The worst part is that my mom says I use this as a manipulation and so she an feel sorry for me when i bring it up and that I just need to get over it. She has no idea how much those words hurt me. I am 20 years old now and although for the most part I've left it behind this will haunt me forever.  

Jessica Ruiz wrote at 2012-10-05 13:27:34
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Yolanda wrote at 2012-12-27 19:19:50
I was a victim of molested of a step-father for age 8-14 and my uncles for about 2-3 years  and of rape by a stranger. I end up in a relationship with- a old man who Physically and emotionally abuse me for 7-8years. I think this was a cycle from my step father it make its hard for you to keep a relationship or just make the one you in  very uncomfortable.  

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Garrynevia wrote at 2013-03-02 16:41:46

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Heartbroken mom wrote at 2013-06-25 02:58:24
Do the right thing for your daughter go to the police, do the right thing for you, and find out what real love is, no need beating around the bush, I had this happen in my family I know and it is something that will be apart of our lives forever and apart of my daughters nightmares forever, if I did not take matters to the police he would be free to laugh that he got away with it and conning mom into believing he loved her, my daughter deserves closure that she will probably never get but at least knowing he has paid even a little while in jail for something that is clearly against the law, absolutely wrong on so many levels, and of course he does not want to go to the police and have everyone know about it, would you want to be known for doing such a thing, if you don't i truly hope it wont happen to your grandchild, because after all it's not important enough to go to the authorities? at least that is what your daughter may end of thinking.  

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jannelle wrote at 2014-03-10 15:03:01
I am now 20 and was molested by my step dad on my baptism day when i was 12.i was never baptized when i was an infant due to being born a premmie,my dad being sick,and other family real dad passed away when i was 10 and mom remarried when i was 11.At 12,mom and step dad finially had me baptized.Since i was under 13,i had to wear the required all white,'baby girl'type outfit which was a poofy,white above the knees dress,bonnet,lace anklets and white shoes.Under my dress,i had to wear a cloth diaper,rubber pants and an under shirt.after my party,mom had to go to the nursing home to check on gramma and my step dad came into my room and pulled me close to him and put his hand under my dress and started rubbing his hand over my diaper and rubberpants and did this for a few minutes,telling me it was ok and so on.I didnt know what to think,as i was confused.he helped me get ready for bed by taking my dress off of me and i put my night gown on over the diaper and rubberpants and he touched me again.I went to bed all upset and never told mom what happened.

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Christine Taylor


I can answer questions specifically relating to child abuse, paticularly where this relates to retrospective activities. I can also answer questions on 'How extended families cope with the result of abuse'. Questions on the legal aspects of abuse are beyond my scope here and I can offer signposting only.


I was abused as a child by my grandfather. The first time it took place I was just 5 years old, and his abuse continued for 6 years. I was forced into believing that what he was doing was ok, and that it was our secret. As a small child I respected what he told me, and did not tell anyone. He would touch me, bath me and sometimes make me touch him. The memories are clear, but since moving on with my life the attached feeling and emotion has faded. My grandfather was sentenced for his crime, but not before I had to go through a medical and police interview. Shortly after the sentencing I was given support from Victim Support, and later that year received counselling from a clinical child psychologist. Once I was discharged I carried on with my life and tried to put the past behind me. However, after the birth of my son many emotions about the abuse came back, as did the memories. I tried to get counselling but the waiting lists were long. I approached support groups, but unfortunately they were not running programmes in my area. I decided to help myself. I carried out a number tasks which included writting out my memories, and my feelings. It also included going back to the places I was abused. I began to feel strong inside, the memories no longer made me cry, my smile was genuine. My final task was to return to the spot where it all began when I was just 5 years old. Once I had done this I walked away and felt no saddness. I knew then that I had come through the abuse and was finally free to live my life. I have left the negatives of my abuse behind and now I hold onto the positives of this experience. I have learnt how to be strong, and how to restore my confidence. I no longer wish to change the past, its just not possible, so I look forward to a future without the burden of my past.

Firstly I have first hand life experience within this field. I also achieved A'levels in science, but also in Christian Theology. Although this does not directly relate to this subject it helped me to use my mind to think outside the box. I was able to see things from other perspectives, and it taught me to appreciate other peoples thoughts and opinions. I also have completed the counselling concepts course and passed at Level 3 and from this I went on and completed a mentor training programme. I am now working towards a psychology diploma, and level 4 in child psychology.

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