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Molestation/molested by mother, grandmothers


Scott wrote at 2008-07-25 18:02:26

Ron, thank you for writing this. I am in the same boat. My mother was a monster. She molested me and abused me violently. When I look for information on the internet it is very sparse compared to what you can find on fathers molesting daughters.

My mother cannot be honest about anything at all ever. She is a liar and a child molester. She came close to getting involved with the cops for beating my sister but somehow skated. I feel this deep inner fear of her. Hopefully it will go away when she dies. My dad never stood up to her and let it all go on. I understand what you say about your parents dying and it was the best thing they ever did for you. I understand completely. I want to be a loving happy person but I cannot be loving with a monster who hurt me so bad for her own pleasure. it took me over 20 years to be able to sleep normally. I would lie awake almost the whole night listening for her. It took me decades to ebe able to talk about this and not think that I was sick. It was her that did the molesting! There was nothing wrong with me! In our day to day life she had no love or affection or encouragement for me. She used me like a piece of meat and I know when she dies I will be relieved.

        Take care and thanks again for the post.


nothing99 wrote at 2012-12-04 19:18:04
I can totally relate.  I found out about 4 months ago that I was molested by my mother.  I was hospitalized.  After getting out, I've been going to therapy once a week.  I was supposed to go to a job interview today.  I woke up extremely depressed and cancelled it.  I just left a message with my therapist.  I want to get in to see him.  I hope he calls me soon.  I also have OCD which frustrates me to the point of crying most days.  I think my OCD is so bad because of the abuse from my mom.  I have no feelings for her.  And wanting her to die I think is a normal feeling to have.  I'm about at my wits end.  I'm tired of feeling miserable.  I just exist, I don't live.

nothing99 wrote at 2012-12-31 02:09:39
I too was molested by my mother.  After she was done doing that, she verbally and physically abused me.  I'm at a loss for words.  I'm tired of the pain.

forgivebutnotforget wrote at 2013-05-01 08:39:23
In the histroy of Australia NO grandmother has ever been convicted of sexual abuse. Apparently there have been quite a few 'accusations' but never successful convictions. There is actually not even a charge for this type of behaviour by grandmothers (except incest).

Yet when you 'search' female sexual abusers in Australia, you will find cases and convictions of females in general.  So.... don't these women then get older and become grandmothers??  Why does society think this does not happen. 30years ago our society thought that women don't smack/physically hurt children.  They do, and we seem to agree about this now and protect children against abusive women.

With the latest Royal commission in Victoria.  Has anyone ever wondered or asked "are there any victims of sexual abuse by nuns?".

I wish, for my children's sake, that it was 10 years from now, because I believe as a society we will be more educated and proactive in protecting children against sexually abusive grandmothers.

Perhaps we need Oprah over here to help sort this out.

debbie wrote at 2013-07-30 12:48:14
is sexual abuse always the case my self it was mental abuse by my mother,father and siblings that the abuse that gets shoved u under the carpet without any help except total self destruction all abuse should be stopped no matter how sever or how light, if their could be such a thing. i am a grand ma and to show abuse of any kind to my grand children is out of the question i know its out there but we have to be strong and stop the cycle. when the children trust and the innocence is taken everyone of the abusers would be stoned if i had my way  

jen wrote at 2013-09-01 20:05:37
hi, Im not the one who was molested but my babys father was by his mother abd it did the opposite effect on him.  its like he confused the live he was supposed to have with his mother for a woman like me. he became her friend best. i just recently found out about this and been with him three years. hes always been a mommas boy but beyound a mommys boy to me. n i didnt notice the signs til i searched in his phone and seen him searching mom n son porn. which to me set off the red flags then everything else came into place.. i would say that there are more situations like this and for you u did the thing a "normal" person should do n have a reaentment n hate for them. i think a lot if guys are like my baby father who get sexual abused by his mother and thats why no one ever tells. it really is suckning though. n i hate that woman n she will never be allowed near my children again and am fighting with my kids dad on how he can even still be apart of her life.


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