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Monitor Problems/Red out lines in my graphics


Flinix wrote at 2013-08-23 23:04:27
There are two possibilities with these lines. I am aiming more towards the failure of the LCD screen you are using for your computer. The other possibility is a failing graphics card.

Let me focus on the LCD screen first. The LCD has adhesive tabs that connect the data lines for displaying the colours on the actual LCD panel. These adhesive strips often start to lift away from the panel like cheap tape would after a while and from then, some data gets scrambled and/or doesn't make it, causing lines to appear. You can test your monitor by turning on the monitor without hooking up the computer and see if the lines are still there. If the screen still shows the lines, you either need to buy a new TV, or if you are able to repair it yourself, take the TV apart, get some cotton balls and put them against the adhesive tabs and the metal frame the LCD panel sits in. The pressure will keep the data lines to stay in contact and you should never have a problem again with lines.

Now if the monitor does not show the line without the computer hooked up, change out your graphics card and while your at it, clean out the computer of any dust and check to make sure all fans are functional.

Hope this helps. Flinix (AllExpert in Windows XP, PC hardware, and Windows 98/95)

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