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Monitor Problems/Monitor in theft deterrent mode


Kay Inaba wrote at 2007-12-15 17:25:26
I had exactly the same problem and got a code number with message to call Gateway Customer Service for instructions.  The customer service tech informed me that my monitor was out of warranty and I would have to pay $39 to get instructions.  After getting his badge number, I hung up - very irritated.  This certainly seems to be an example of technical arrogance and close to extortion.

Geraldine wrote at 2008-04-15 16:33:21
I did not go to a customer service person. I folled the instructions, putting in the numbers and hitting enter, and the display went away. I would like to know what caused it to appear in the first place.

inez wrote at 2010-04-19 19:36:17
i got same problem. my monitor keeps going black. i push menu comes back on still with gray thing. called geek squad. they said something in monitor needs fixing.  

Angela Jensen wrote at 2011-06-28 03:14:04
I have the save problem when I bring my computer back to factory state it shows a grey flag go up very fast almost to fast to read it says that the monitor is in antithetic mode and to click on menu button then add 747 with the three other numbers I did and it said thank you a safeguard tech will be in touch with you but no one got in touch with me.

Jerry Winston wrote at 2012-12-01 15:11:26
There is a free fix to this matter if you are able to open up your monitor or have a tech do it. Inside on the main board there should be a button labeled SW1 (Switch 1). While the monitor is on press and hold that button for 3 seconds. This sets the monitor back to factory default. Say goodbye to Theft Mode!!  

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