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Hello Bobbert:

Had an accident with one of my laptops and damaged the screen.

Hooked the computer up to a discarded flat screen desk top monitor
and it works fine.

Question:  Can I safely remove the screen on the laptop (it gets in the way) and use the set up like a desk top?

Thanks,  Jos.

In concept yes, if you're quite experienced with working on computers and taking laptops apart that is. Unfortunately I can't really give you specific directions, because each model of laptop is going to be different, and I have not taken apart one of every laptop ever manufactured. Another option would be to get an external keyboard and mouse (which won't cost more than a few dollars), and go into the power options on the computer and tell it not to turn off when the "lid" (screen) is closed (the specifics vary by version of Windows; this is one area I can provide you with more specific directions though, as long as we know which version of Windows we're working with), and use it in that manner. This will prevent you having to open the machine, and is much easier to accomplish.



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