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I have a Phillips Flat Panel monitor, (model 190BS) connected to windows XP. It works fine except that is has box for the volume control sitting in the centre of the screen all the time.
I have tried using the adjustment on the monitor to get rid of it but nothing happens, it still sits there.
If I press the auto button it reduces to zero a then opens up again to 100.
The only way I can read what is on the acreen is to keep moving the page behind it up and down.
Would you know any way I can remove this box. Thank you, Allan

The fault is likely in the monitor, not the computer (if pressing buttons on the monitor make the box go away). My immediate thought is that one of the volume up/down buttons is "stuck" and keeping the control open; can you confirm or check for this? Beyond that, it's likely an issue with the monitor's control board - you may be able to resolve the issue by resetting the monitor (if it has a factory reset option in its menus, try that, and if not (or if that fails), unplug it from power and leave it unplugged for a few days, and then hook it back up). If that fails, it's beyond anything that you can reasonably repair (especially for a fair price), and unfortunately the economical choice will likely be purchasing a new monitor.



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