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I have a Gateway AMD A10-5700 3.4GHz Desktop PC | SX2380-UR22 and I am trying to connect a Dell Rev A01 monitor to it. My PC is fairly new but I think the monitor is about 8 years old. Do you think that I could somehow hook them up? How would I do this, do I need a driver. When I turn the monitor on by it self a test box shows up but when I hook it to my PC it is just blank

I will need information about the specific model of monitor you're connecting ("Rev A01" tells me that it's the first revision of whatever model it is, but doesn't tell me what model it is). Alternately (since monitors rarely require drivers), what kinds of connectors do you have available?

What I'm seeing is that your Gateway offers both VGA, and HDMI. The VGA connector is blue and about dead-center on the rear panel, the HDMI connector is black and located next to it (it is labeled HDMI). With those two connection options you should be able to connect any monitor your like.

This is what a VGA connector looks like:

This is what an HDMI connector looks like:

Does your monitor not offer either of these connections? (It should at least offer VGA) Are you connecting with any sort of adapters?

The monitor may have a somewhat different DVI connector: (it will always be white)

I'm guessing it likely does not have such a connector (given the age, it would be somewhat rare), but if it does you will need an adapter from HDMI (they both carry similar digital video signals).

If you have a connection between the monitor and computer (it cannot "convert" digital to analog, so VGA to DVI is not possible, but HDMI to DVI, HDMI to HDMI, or VGA to VGA will work), and still have no display on the monitor, try going into Display Properties within Windows, and enabling the display (it should show as a "greyed out" monitor under Displays, and when you select it, Windows should ask to "extend the desktop onto this display" (if not, just select that check-box)). If you know more about the monitor, I can give you more specific instructions (for example what resolution is ideal, and what connections the monitor has).



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