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Monitors/Power Saving Problems with Acer


My monitor is stuck on power saving mode. That is what I think. The power button continuously flashes amber. Even when I unplug the power and plug it back in. I have to restart my computer several times before it switches out of power saving mode and the button lights up in a proper blue-ish color.  I am using Windows 7 and the DVI connection to a ATI All-in-Wonder Graphics card. I thought the problem was with the graphics card and took it out to use the onboard VGA but I received the same results. The monitor is an ACER X223W flatpanel LCD monitor.  Once it goes on, it works fine. The problem is getting it on.  Any suggestions on what the problem could be?

Can you test the monitor on a completely separate machine? Or a separate monitor on your existing machine? The problem may be with the machine itself not resuming from sleep or properly starting, and it isn't surprising that the onboard graphics card didn't output anything (it is likely disabled with another card installed in the machine).

If the monitor truly is not properly re-syncing when the machine comes online, I would try connecting it via VGA and seeing if that changes anything (depending on which ATi card you have, it's probably just a matter of a cheap passive adapter to hook up via VGA that way). If not, I'd write the monitor off, recycle it, and replace it. Acer's support and service is historically very poor, and paying an independent technician to take the monitor apart and attempt to repair it will almost certainly cost more in labor than the monitor is worth (and may not even result in the monitor being repaired - these kinds of devices are unfortunately not designed to be repaired, only replaced). I would probably suggest a Samsung or Dell monitor as a replacement, if that is what ends up being necessary, as they tend to offer 3-year warranties and have good track records for service and support in the event something goes wrong.



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