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Hi I have an Acer AL2016W LCD monitor and when I power it on it shows a vertical green line on both sides of the monitor. I was wondering if this could be a sign that it is on it's way out or if it is possible to fix. Any help is appreciated.


Check the connection between the monitor and the computer - it may be that the cable is loose. Also, if possible, try the monitor on a different graphics output connector from your computer. Additionally, try another monitor on the computer (or try the monitor on another computer) - does the issue resolve?

If it resolves with a different monitor - the Acer is likely to blame. If it resolves on another computer, the first system's graphics adapter is likely to blame (if it works on another port on the same machine, it's likely just the physical connector on the board that's bad - while this is fairly simple, it isn't something you can generally replace). Whatever is to blame, replace that part (e.g. graphics adapter, monitor, etc).

If you have further questions, feel free to post a follow-up.



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