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I'm using E173FP dell LCD monitor. Nowadays, when I switch on the ocmputer, my monitor will be so dim for about 30 to 80 seconds. Then it's becoming normal again. When I switch on, it's hard to see letters.. or even pictures(logon screen) for some time. We're having a voltage fluctuation(the voltage goes down for few minutes and came back to normal again. But even when voltage is normal( I mean thatfew minutes, my monitor behaved the same way.) in our home for a week and is yet to solve. I need help.

Sounds like the backlight is taking a while to start-up - if you have the monitor installed in a very cold location that can cause that problem. Otherwise it's likely just a sign of age or heavy use (the backlight is "going out" essentially); if it stays on and looks "right" in use I'd say continue to use it until it entirely fails, unless you can't live with the minute-or-so it takes to warm up.



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