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Why do I get a "no input signal" error message. .

Is this error being displayed on/by the monitor itself? Or is it a pop-up error dialog within an operating system?

If it's being displayed by the monitor, it's because the monitor isn't detecting any available/valid signal on the selected input (or across all available inputs, depending on the model). You either need to check the connection between the computer and monitor, switch the monitor to an appropriate input, or change the video output settings on the computer to something appropriate for the monitor. If the monitor is just being tested by itself (e.g. it's only plugged into power), this is normal behavior - connect it to a computer or some other sort of source to test it further.

If it's an error within an operating system (as a pop-up dialog or similar), I would need more information about what application you're using that's generating this error.



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