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QUESTION: I don't know if this is even possible, but I have a computer with 3 monitors and a TV mounted above the computer. I am wondering if it is possible to connect the TV to the computer and be able to display one of my monitors' displays on the TV (and be able to choose which monitor to display. If this is possible, what would I need? Thanks.

ANSWER: Do you mean you want to have 3 total separate video outputs, and one of those outputs cloned/duplicated on the TV? This is entirely possible, depending on your computer's graphics hardware. What do you currently have? And what connections are available on the TV and what connections are still available on the graphics card?


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QUESTION: Yes, that's what I mean. I have one free HDMI port on the TV and 3 inputs on my video card. My video card is an NVDIA GeForce GTS 450. Someone told me I may be able to do this with Google Chromecast.

I'm not sure what "someone" meant regarding Chromecast, but that isn't an avenue I would bother pursuing.

The GTS 450 has 3 outputs ( so you would need another graphics adapter to add more outputs. You can either augment the GTS 450 with a less expensive card, like the GT 610, or you can replace it with something that offers more than 3 outputs, like the GTX 660 or 760. You would then connect from the additional video output on the computer to the HDMI input on the TV. This can either be done as HDMI to HDMI, or via DVI to HDMI adapter (or cable).

If you only want to copy a specific monitor to the TV, you could use an HDMI 1x2 active splitter between one of the outputs on the GTS 450, and one of the monitors and the TV. This would only allow that output to be sent to the monitor and TV simultaneously, and may or may not accomplish your goal.

Finally, you could use an HDMI Matrix with at least 3 inputs and 4 outputs (a 4x4 is a very common size), and take all three inputs from the GTS 450, and route them to whichever monitors you like. This would give you more flexibility, but would likely be the most expensive solution (a 4x4 HDMI matrix costs around $200 US as of this writing).

If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to post a follow-up.



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