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QUESTION: Hello! i have decided to get a triple monitor using these g sync monitors

i understand the monitor has a Display port output only, so how would i be able to connect all 3 monitors to my single Asus strix gtx 970? and will my gpu be able to handle games at 1080p 60 fps?

ANSWER: Firstly, I generally do not suggest Acer Group products to questioners as their support and post-sales service is generally very poor, and the reliability of their products is often not the best. BenQ and Asus both offer competitive products, and provide world-class service and often have lower prices, so I would suggest that. For example here is an Asus for around half the price:

Regarding connection to your GTX 970 - the GTX 970 will support triple monitor configurations, both for desktop use, and gaming (via nVidia Surround). You can read more about that here:

As far as how to connect everything, it ultimately depends on the monitors. Your GTX 970 offers 2x DVI, 1x HDMI, and 1x DisplayPort. You can connect to any combination of those ports as needed, including MST support via DisplayPort (would require an MST hub) to allow DisplayPort connections to all monitors. To enable G-Sync you would be required to use DisplayPort, and thus need an MST hub (they are not inexpensive - around $100 US as of this writing).

Regarding "would my GPU be able to handle games at 1080p 60 fps" - it depends on the game and settings you'd like to play at. GTX 970 is a fairly powerful graphics card, and assuming the rest of your machine is up to the task, you shouldn't have problems with the vast majority of games at 1080p. Running in Surround mode on all three displays will incur a significant performance hit, but will likely work with many games as well, especially if you lower the settings and/or resolution (e.g. output 3x 720p as opposed to 3x 1080p) for some more demanding titles.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.


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QUESTION: Hello! Thank you for the suggestions, I was really in need of second opinion whether I should go with acer or not. I will definitely look into the Asus and benq. Since u mention I have the option of using dvi, displayport and HDMI to three monitors at the same time, will there be any visual difference or gaming performance using different video outputs?

G-Sync will require DisplayPort, and depending on the monitor, cabling, and graphics card, HDMI  may not support 144Hz (single-link DVI will absolutely not support 144Hz), but otherwise there will be no difference in quality (e.g. there isn't a difference in color depth, signal quality, etc) - HDMI and DVI use the same digital signaling, and DisplayPort uses an equally high quality/high bandwidth digital signaling scheme. If G-Sync and 144Hz refresh aren't important to you, you could save some money adn go with less expensive 1080p displays, and connect them all with DVI or HDMI with no problems.

If you have further questions, feel free to ask.



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