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What's the best 144 hertz monitor that combines quality and price. I'm thinking primarily 1080p but I'd be open to 1440p as well if the price is right. I also need to make sure it's compatible with the ports on my graphics card (R9 390) thanks so much!

1080p is probably a safer bet, both due to the availability of monitors and for performance reasons (demanding 144 FPS from 1080p is pretty significant as-is). Also keep in mind that not all games will properly work at 144 FPS, and will behave erratically or unstably and are designed with 60 FPS operation in mind. As far as connectivity, dual-link DVI and DisplayPort are both capable of supporting 144 Hz operation. As far as manufacturer/brand, BenQ has recently been leading in terms of functionality and measurements, but you should also look at Asus as well, as they have begun to offer a competitive range of monitors.



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