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Hi Bobbert,
Would it be possible to connect a Sumsung S22D300Hy (Manual = to my P.C. and also fit an HDMI cable to connect an Android Tablet?

If I'm reading the manual properly, your model includes a single VGA and a single HDMI input. Depending on the output capabilities of your PC you could likely use the VGA connector, however this will not support HDCP (this will only be an issue if you're interested in viewing protected HD content - e.g. from Blu-ray or some streaming services - in HD); HDCP requires a digital interface (DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort are all compatible, assuming all of the associated devices are compatible as well (e.g. your PC must support it)).

Connecting to your tablet depends on the capabilities of your tablet - some do support video out, but many do not. If your tablet has an MHL or mini-DisplayPort (or similar) connector, then you can adapterize that to HDMI and connect to the monitor; if you need HDMI for both devices (your PC and tablet), an HDMI switch would be the easiest answer.



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