Bob, I'm getting a new Dell desktop pc and need to get an HDMI to DVI adapter to connect my monitor to the tower. I was going to get one at Best Buy (the brand is 'Rocketfish') for the same price as the one Dell makes, $19.99. Is one just as good as the other, or would it be better to get the one made by Dell?  Thanks

There is no difference, unless one of them comes defective (e.g. physically damaged). You can save a few more dollars and go with a cable from Amazon if you like:

Different lengths are available here, however at somewhat higher cost:

They are bi-directional cables, meaning you can connect an HDMI input or output on one side, and a corresponding DVI output or input on the other; devices should always offer female HDMI and DVI connectors (regardless of whether or not they are inputs or outputs) so there is only required cable as well.

Length is not a problem unless you're going to need a run of longer than ~50ft, in which case an "active" cable (which has a signal booster in it) would be suggested. Also keep in mind you generally will not get audio from HDMI-DVI adapted connections.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.



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