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QUESTION: I have a Dell Desktop PC . Of late I have noticed a vertical green line from top to bottom of my screen on the right hand side . Why is this happening ? How to remove this ?

ANSWER: What kind of monitor do you have? This sounds like a common problem for an LCD monitor, and is a result of hardware damage to the monitor itself (the only "fix" is to replace the monitor). Try connecting the computer to another display, or another computer to your monitor, to see if the situation changes - most likely the "line" will stay with the display, and that will confirm the display itself as the culprit. Unfortunately there is no "repair" option here, so a new monitor will be the only fix. I'd encourage you to recycle the damaged display, if that's available in your area.

If you need further help or clarification, feel free to ask.


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QUESTION: Well it is 18'' Dell monitor purchased in April 2011 . I don't understand  how hardware damage can happen when the computer is only used by me and very carefully . The monitor has not fallen or received any bang of any sort for this to happen .

Around a month back the power supply IC was replaced and it is working very well only for this green line which appeared a few days ago .

I am using Windows 7 Home Basic  OS . Could it be because of some software setting or because I have not downloaded many Windows updates ?

It does not have to experience a traumatic physical event to wear out and break - unfortunately this is just reality for all mechanical or electrical things: they do eventually stop working as we'd like them to.

It is highly unlikely that Windows has caused this in any way, but again try connecting a different device to the monitor, or the monitor to a different device, to confirm where exactly the issue is. Based on your description, however, it is very likely a problem with the monitor itself.



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