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I have a Monkees hand puppet that I'd like to know the value of.  It used to talk, but doesn't anymore.

There are so many factors to consider when it comes to the value of a collector's item like the hand puppet. Very few still talk but of course if it did it would be considerably more valuable.
I am sending you the web site and e-mail for a friend of mine who deals with collectable and maybe can give you a dollar amount value. His name is Rick Schwinden and he owns a store in Minneapolis called Mr, Zero's.


I hope he can help you. He may even know someone who is interested. Other wise I suggest looking on eBay and seeing what they are getting for them there.

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I`ve been a Monkees fan since the beginning, I run an authorized fan club for the Monkees, together and individually. If I don`t know the answer to your question I know someone who does.


I have been a fan since 1966 and have run an authorized fan club since 1987. I have seen the guys perform close to 200 times, as individuals and together. We are lucky enough to have an especially good rapport with David and his family. His sister Hazel regularly contributes to our newsletter.

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