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Monkees Lithograph
Monkees Lithograph  
I recently purchased a signed lithograph of the Monkees Headquarters. It's #182 out of 500.Signed by all 4 members.
Is there a way to estimate the value of it?

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I've  been asking around and haven't found anything out yet. If I do I will let you know. The only ones I found were for auction and they would not give a price. The thing that would make it valuable would be that it has all 4 autographs. Mike's is hard to come by. David on the other hand was so free with his autograph that there are so many out there the value is not as much. Mike on the other hand was much harder to get. I will tell you that in 1987 we found a copy of the Headquarters album that the guys gave the Milwaukee radio station on their promotional tour, signed by all 4 each in a different color marker in the 60s and paid 10 dollars for it - in mint condition as it had only been played a couple of times. Right now all I can tell you is to watch eBay and see if you can find them on their and see what they are going for. I will keep checking with my experts and if anyone gives me a ballpark idea I will let you know.

It appears that the lithograaph is valued between %800 and $1000.

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I`ve been a Monkees fan since the beginning, I run an authorized fan club for the Monkees, together and individually. If I don`t know the answer to your question I know someone who does.


I have been a fan since 1966 and have run an authorized fan club since 1987. I have seen the guys perform close to 200 times, as individuals and together. We are lucky enough to have an especially good rapport with David and his family. His sister Hazel regularly contributes to our newsletter.

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