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Monkees Autograph
Monkees Autograph  


I purchased a framed Monkees color photo with autographs of all four of the guys for my wife, a devoted fan, in 1996 in Orlando, Florida. My wife displayed it proudly until her passing in 2009. I think it is time to pass this along to another fan who an continue to appreciate it. It comes with the original authenticity certificate said played to me at time of sale. What would be it's value and where istte best place to sell such items? Thanks and best regards.


Hello and thanks for the question.

Concerning your photo --  On the plus side you have purchased the photo with a certificate of authenticity.  On the negative side, I am not aware of this company and the photo that you have is one of the more counterfeited photos of the guys.  The picture of them in tuxedos and directors' chairs is probably one of their most famous publicity photos and consequentially is sold with more fake signatures than any other pose.

Concerning value -- this can vary widely.  As an example I have three items that were signed by all four.  An album cover  runs about $100,  a drum head runs about $150, while a photo can vary from $75 for a common photo to as much as $300 for a photo from their feature picture, Head.

Concerning a place to sell the item -- I would recommend the following.  I have only used eBay personally but the other two sites have stellar reputations. -- This is the internet's largest auction site and has the lowest fees of any of these three sites. (approximately 6 to 8 % of total received) -- Heritage auctions runs internet auctions about once every six weeks. While they mainly auction comic books and related collectibles, they also have a section for musical memorabilia.  Their fees are rather steep (about 20% of total received) -- This company specializes in musical memorabilia.  Although this site probably gets less traffic than either of these three, all of their traffic is there for music items only.  Fees are also in the 20% range.

Once again thanks for the question.  If you have a follow-up question, please do not hesitate to write back.


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