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Monroe, Marilyn/Marilyn Monroes Death- need for school project tomorrow


amscia wrote at 2013-02-18 10:50:42
Marilyn Monroe (MM) was killed by Chicago Mafia by a poisonous suppository supplied at California by the fascist forces within Shadow Govt/CIA/FBI/KGB. She was killed because by fluke she came to know the details of very secret dealings/projects including the bizarre JFK murder plan involving KGB/CIA/FBI on one hand and Mafia on the other hand. On the fateful night of 4th August the mafia boss and MMís friend Johnny Roselle came to see Marilyn. While Marilyn was taking him to guest cottage the mafia killers also crept into the guest cottage and killed Marilyn. That is the reason Marilyn's body was actually not found in her bedroom but in her guest cottage as claimed by the eye witness Norman Jeffries in 1993. Why the photographs of MM after the murder but before the autopsy are not in circulation? They were confiscated and destroyed because in some of the photos MMís facial expressions and room conditions indicated MM was murdered. Someone on internet claims possession of one such photograph.

MM was killed immediately after Robert Kennedy left her residence in order to implicate him in her murder. RFK was at MMís residence to obtain the possession of some confidential papers bearing the remarks ďNot To CopyĒ.   He was not after her so called red diary which MM never maintained. Since RFK covered up and staged her murder as suicide and the objective of fall of JFK Govt could not be achieved the fascist forces subsequently killed JFK, RFK, John K, Dorothy Kilgallen and dozens of witnesses of JFK murder.

Murders of both Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Kilgallen were orchestrated by the same CIA fascist and the surviving victim of Bay of Pigs fiasco Mr. James Jesus Angleton. Refer Wikipedia for the similarities of circumstances and method of killing both Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Kilgallen and get a clue. Subsequently even mafia bosses Sam Giancana and Roselle met their legitimate fate i.e. 5 gun shots on the head of Sam Giancana and Roselleís body after a long search found floating in a drum with his feet sawed.

While KGB wanted to kill Marilyn immediately CIA fascists wanted to be civil and wait and watch the situation by bugging her house. The contract for bugging her house was signed by James Jesus Angleton. Finally they decided to kill MM after the failure of mafia setup at Cal Nova just few days before MMís murder. In order to blackmail MM they even took her photographs at Cal Nova in very compromising condition. However the photos clearly indicated that MM was comatose / unconscious and did not know what was happening. If MM would have accepted the mafia proposal of bringing down JFK administration by disclosing her so called love affairs in that doomed press conference she would have perhaps made millions of $s and/or received lucrative offers in Hollywood. However MM was a good woman and loyal to her country. In the last month of her life MM was frantically trying to contact Kennedys to warn them against sinister plans of the fascist forces. She was not trying to contact them to revive their love affairs. All such calls were taken by Secretaries because Kennedys were concerned more with their image and did not want to keep any contact with MM.

After killing MM & JFK the fascist forces started massive campaign of disinformation and arranged to fabricate almost 300 fake documents /photos to establish the connection between the so called JFK/MM love affairs and their murders. That famous author and Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh even wrote a book based on such fake documents and fooled the whole world. Internet is full of fake stories and fabricated photos of JFK & MM.

Had MM made any disclosures in that doomed press conference it would not be her love affairs, Castro murder plan or UFO hoax. She would have disclosed much more serious matters resulting in the end of mafia raj, resignation of American President, sacking of KGB/CIA/FBI Chiefs, KGB/CIA/FBI departments overhauling and perhaps the bold news headlines ďHoover commits suicide and blah blah blahĒ.

MM was very apparently murdered and there was no question of any conspiracy. What was required was through and proper police inquiry and investigation. However a conspiracy was created to hide the truth. The Secret service, Fox Security and Police chief William Parker were available at MMís residence right from the midnight. The Police chief even privately interviewed RFK and when he was satisfied that RFK was not involved in the murder he was allowed to cover up her murder as suicide. Other police officers were called at 5.25 am only to verify and complete the police formality.

The stories relating to JFK/MM love affairs are eyewash for hiding the truth. There was never any love affair. Only casual sexual encounter in one night stand is suspected but the same was also disputed by some people then. However the fascist forces were bent upon to divert public attention from the truth which continues even to date.  

Monroe, Marilyn

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