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What were Marilyn's true measurements and dress size? Did her weight fluctuates and did she really jog around to keep fit?

Hi Sue,

Thank you for the question. Like a lot of women, Marilyn's weight and measurements fluctuated throughout her life. Generally speaking, she weighed between between 115-120 most of her life. She stood 5' 5 1/2" inches tall, so that makes her quite thin. Clothing sizes were different then, so a lot of people will point out that she was a size 12 at her thinnest--but in modern sizing she'd be about a size 2 (American sizing).

During her marriage to Arthur Miller, she put on about 15 to 20 pounds, bringing her weight up to about 135-140. That would make her about a modern size 8 or 10. This was during a period when she was pregnant on and off (she miscarried the babies) and that might have something to do with the weight gain, though it's tough to say. After her divorce from Miller, she again lost weight and was back down to where she had been before.

As for her measurements, they fluctuated as well. This is probably due her natural weight fluctuations and/or various magazines or studios exaggerating claims. For what it's worth, I recently saw a picture of Marilyn's dress form and the waist clearly said 22 1/2 inches. So, she was pretty small.

While modeling, her agency listed her measurements as 36-24-34. In 1951 Collierís magazine claimed she was 37-23-34. The studioís claims about her measurements vary. Twentieth Century-Fox claimed at various times 36 1/2-23-34, 38-23-36 and 37-23-36. A dressmakerís claim was 35-22-35. They're not exact, but that gives you a basic idea of what her sizing was.

And yes, Marilyn was ahead of her time when it came to exercise. She jogged and lifted small weights to help keep fit.

Hope this helps! Please feel free to check back if you have any more questions.


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