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Hello! My friend and I are working on a school project that has a lot to do with Marilyn. I was wondering what your opinion was  on why she was considered a legend, and how her legacy lives on more than 50 years later. Thank you!

Hi Molly!

Sounds like you're working on a fun project. I hope I can help.

Marilyn was a ambitious woman before the women's movement, so she stood out even during her own lifetime. Also, no one in Hollywood was willing to put more effort into her career than she was. She was also a savvy businesswoman who made careful decisions about her image and movie choices and who aligned herself with powerful people who could help her. This was all pretty unique in that era.

After her career took off, Marilyn took a number of steps to ensure lasting success.
* She fought to star in higher quality movies
* Studied at the famous Actors Studio in New York, run by Lee Strasberg, to improve her acting skills
* Started a production company with respected photographer Milton H. Greene so she could make her own movies
* Surrounded herself with leading intellectuals of the day.
* She was also as loyal to her fans as they were to her. She frequently stopped to sign autographs and take pictures with those who asked her.
* Finally, on a surface level, she created a look (hair, makeup and clothing) that has become timeless, so she applies to all eras.

Good luck on your report!


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