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Marilynfan wrote at 2015-09-12 23:42:52
She was disliked by Jackie and Ethyl Kennedy, and eventually Robert and John Kennedy, it's been reported. Also, it's been reported that Elizabeth Taylor did not like her either, as well as Joan Crawford and Tony Curtis.

Monroe, Marilyn

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I can answer questions on most of Marilyn`s life, particularly her early years and the late fifties/early sixties. I have read a great deal on the conspiracy theories concerning her death.


I have been a fan of Marilyn Monroe's for over ten years now, and have accumulated a sizeable collection of books and documentaries on her.

I below to three different Marilyn internet groups.

I have degrees in Modern History and English. In the latter subject I studied film theory and completed my exam essay on Marilyn Monroe (movie screen as mirror) gaining a first.

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