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Monroe, Marilyn/Marilyn Monroe and James Dean


ericajs wrote at 2010-09-04 22:29:37
hi there, i have been studying this case for a long time and have read many books and therios on the topic i believe and have evidence to support my theory of the happenings of the day and eveing before marilyn died. in the early morning she recieved a gift and letter. the gift was a stuffed animal and the letter was from bobby himself. in the letter he basically stated he was ending all ties with marilyn. throughout the day she became very depressed and angry. bobby was staying at his brother in law peter lawfords house that day and after marilyn had made many calls to the house that day bobby thought it best to tell her officially he arrived at her house and broke the news to her personally. marilyn became even more enraged and to attept to calm herself and sleep away her pain she took a series of sleeping pills. throughout the evening more calls were made to lawford. but she never again spoke to bobby. the last call she made to peter she sounded very groggy. with that, both peter and bobby drove to marilyns house to find her unconcious and sedated, a call was made from kennedy to a private ambulance company. on the way to the hospital mariyln passed. going back a bit marilyn was in a very happy period in her life she was improving in phsyciatry and making plans for the future. she did not intend to overdose on this particular day as she often had attempted in the past she simply did not take into account the amount of sleeping pills she had taken earlier that day when she digested the last and final fatal amount. with mariyln being pronounced dead on the way to the hospital bobby began to panic and decided it not be a very good idea for his reputation to be seen arriving to the hospital with a deceased monroe. therefore ordered the ambulance to return back to marilyns home. upon arrival lawford and bobby assisted with others placed marilyn back into her bed and cleaned her house of any evidence that might be linked to kennedy. bobby and lawford returned to lawfords house in the early house of the morning and bobby flew his private chopper back to washington. early that morning kennedy retrieved marilyns telephone records and forever the investigation could never be completed thoroughly by the fbi. mariylns death was most definatly and accident and for this i am certain photos retrieved from the fbi investigation show the stuffed animal bobby had sent to her early that day in her yard.

vee wrote at 2013-06-18 02:18:56
i suggest you watch the "An American Affair".They use that movie to depict Marilyn Monroe and JFK...Although they changed Monroe's name but i'm sure, it's her...

Monroe, Marilyn

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I can answer questions on most of Marilyn`s life, particularly her early years and the late fifties/early sixties. I have read a great deal on the conspiracy theories concerning her death.


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