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Hello Nithya,
Thank yo in advance for offering free help.I am a mom of 4 year old daughter who is turning 5 very soon in october.She can read and write all lower case and upper case alphabets and preety much understand letter sounds.I want to teach her how to read at home.Do you have nice tips and techniques that can help her to read.I am teaching her using zac the rat.
Also, someone has offered me the used complete set of Learning Palette - Reading Kindergarten, it is very similar to the one available on this link.I am getting it for $33 whoever the one on this link is around $70.Please let me know what do you think about this set,How does it seem to you? Would that be worth to spend $33 on it .


The lessons in the link seem quite interesting and good. Go ahead and buy it. The Montessori Method also teaches language using phonetic method. We have some special material to start off the children with sounds of letters and then lead them onto words and listening to sounds in words. Maybe you can help your daughter do the same work from the link on paper. Or, you can have loose alphabets and help her do the words and give the sounds and rules.

Try and look up the internet for how to present the Movable Alphabet - Montessori Method.


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