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Mike Pinder did not contribute to Long Distance Voyager...IPatrick Moraz was on keyboards....
I never thought the group was as good after he left...Rumor was he went to India to study  some rrligious stuff...Jim

Hi Jim,

While it's true, Mike had left the band between the completion of "Octave" and the start of the tour to support the album, he did not go to India in pursuit of religion at that point.

Mike's first marriage had ended during the band's recording of "Octave", which was completed at his Indigo Ranch Studio in Southern California, and that put him in an immigration bind with the US Government.  He says he was told by immigration officials that if he left the US to tour internationally to support the album, he would not be allowed back in the country.  Since he had a family here, leaving the country - without the option to return again was not exactly the ideal situation for him.

So no, he did not go to India; at least, not during the late 1970's, early 1980's.  He took a job with Atari Computers as a music consultant, remarried, and moved to the Grass Valley/Auburn area in California (not too far from Sacramento).

He and other members of the Moody Blues did go to India at some point after the Beatles' much publicized 1966 trip where they were introduced to Transcendental Meditation, and that had a profound impact on Mike.  He's said that that experience helped him to develop his own form of spirituality and lifestyle, which he still adheres to today.

So while the India rumor is true (to a degree), it's not true that he went there after he left the band in 1978 to study religion.

I hope that helps to clear things up a bit for you, Jim, and thanks for using!


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